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  • Zonitor Handheld Kit
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Zonitor Handheld Kit
Product ID : Z-ZHH
Price: $365.00
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The Zonitor Handheld Kit attaches a ¼ 20 accessory (usually a monitor) to a 15mm rod via an articulating arm. You can mount any device with a ¼ 20 (or 3/8 16 with ¼ 20 to 3/8 16 adapter) screw hole, such as an external on-board monitor, lights, and/or hard drives. The ZicroMicro stays on your accessory – the L prongs will stop it from spinning - and the Zwivel 2 (15mm) stays on the rod. The 12” articulating arm connects the two via a quick release on both mounts. No screwdrivers or unwinding necessary!

Kit Includes:
- Z-Mount Zwivel 2
- Zamerican V3 Large Arm
- Zicromicro

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Reviewed by kerry
12/15/2015 - 05:30:14 PM
Z-Arm kit
My boss did not want to spend almost 400 on a static arm as we always bought much cheaper ones that turned or lost their grip. On one shoot we ended up breaking the screen on an Atomos Shogun recorder using a cheaper static arm system. We immediately ordered this unit and have never looked back since. It expensive but is built to last a life time stop wasting your money buying the cheap ones! On one occasion I caught our C300 from falling by grabbing by this arm and saved a would be expensive repair.

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