ZipGear Universal (any lens)

ZipGear Universal (any lens)
Product ID : Z-ZG-16
Price: $68.00
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Zacuto Universal ZipGear is a .8 pitch strap that can be connected to any lens for use with a Zacuto .8 pitch follow focus gear. This enables you to use non-pitched lenses with a follow focus. All straps are 13.5” in length and are pitched to .8. The ZipGear Universal will work with any lens, prime or zoom. Just wrap the ZipGear around the lens and cut to size, press on gear locking housing and tighten. Installation takes one minute.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jaypremack
02/19/2016 - 09:21:17 AM
It Just Works
The gear fits snugly on your lens and the mounting system allows you to easily take it off and put it back on in less than a minute. Great product!
Reviewed by cpanson
cpanson bought "ZipGear Universal (any lens)" on our website
12/13/2015 - 12:25:33 PM
Beautifully simple
I am using this on a loxia 35mm lens and it is a simple and elegant design. The build quality is superb and it engages with the follow focus seamlessly. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by wigercj
wigercj bought "ZipGear Universal (any lens)" on our website
08/28/2015 - 12:53:12 PM
Great gear
Awesome slick build quality that will work perfectly with any lens. Gears up for buttery smooth focus pulls with the z-drive. Extremely easy to install on any lens. will definitely be getting more of these for all of my lenses

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