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Z-Finder EVF Pro
Product ID : Z-FIND-EVFP
Price: $1,000.00
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The Zacuto Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) is a 3.2” high resolution monitor designed to be used in conjunction with any Z-Finder model. The EVF is compatible with all cameras that have an HDMI output, including most DSLRs, the Panasonic AF-100, Sony F3, Canon C100/300/500, RED ONE, RED Scarlet, RED Epic and many, many more. The EVF is compatible with the Blackmagic Camera (and other SDI only cameras) with use of a converter like the Blackmagic HD-SDI to HDMI mini converter. The EVF allows you to operate with your camera "in-line" with your rod system and an offset viewfinder in front of your eye. We believe this traditional film camera and ENG camera style of shooting is the most stable and comfortable. Now we can work this way with any camera. The EVF enhances the stability of any set up, gives you better resolution and focus ability, allows you to get your eye where it most comfortably needs to be, enables low mode shooting, and shortens a shoulder mounted camera package. With an external viewfinder, you’re no longer trapped behind the back of your camera. You can have your camera on a dolly or crane or in a car or anywhere and have the EVF in your hand.

The Z-Finder EVF Pro is a complete EVF with diopter. It includes the EVF Flip model and an optical viewfinder which can snap onto the frame of the monitor and also flip up 180 degrees. The optical viewfinder contains high quality 2.5x optics with anti-fog shields and a diopter. It also includes three extender frames. The Z-Finder Extender Frames allow you to further adjust the focal point of the Z-Finder by semi-permanently stacking the frames via a snap fit onto the skirt of the Z-Finder until the LCD screen is in focus for you. You can then dial in closer with the diopter wheel.

New firmware upgrades and EVF tech support can be found here.

There will be no further firmware updates available for the EVF. 

Z-Finder EVF Pro Includes:
3.2" Monitor with Flip Up function, HDMI loop through and USB port for firmware updates
Z-Finder Pro loupe with 2.5x magnification, diopter wheel, cover and anti-fog
18” Standard to Mini HDMI Cable (A Standard to Standard HDMI cable for video cameras is not included.)
HDMI Right Angle Adapter
Z-Finder Sun Mask
Rechargeable Battery
Battery Charger
Hotshoe EVF Mount
1/4 20" Mounting Thread
International power adapters
EVF Dust Cover

False Color
Pixel to Pixel (Zoom)
Image Flip
Exposure (Zebras)
Focus Assist (Peaking in red and white)
Blue Only
Frame Line
Frame Store
Camera presets for scaling and color (Manual settings also available)
Brightness & amp; Contrast Adjustments
Audio Meter Indicator
Battery Level Indicator
USB Firmware Updatable
Assignable Function Buttons (3)
Live Menu Preview
HDMI Standard Ports (2)

Unit weight: 17.5oz

Size: 3.2" TFT LCD IPS LED
Resolution: 800x480
Color: 16M
Viewing Angle: H: 170° V: 170°
View Area: 70.6mm (H) x 42.76mm (V)

Battery: 7.2v Canon LP-E6 or Equivalent
External: 12v Power Adapter Optional

Video Input/Output:
HDMI: 480i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p24 25 30

Operating Temperature:
-4F to +158F / -20C to +70C

Storage Temperature:
-22F to +176F / -30C to +80C

Power Consumption:
2.5w (5.20 Hours w/ 1800mAH Battery)

Recommended Accessories:
LP-E6 to D-Tap Cable

A Z-finder is a magnifier and as such, do not allow sunlight to enter the Z-Finder, for even a moment, while it is attached to the EVF. The light can be magnified by the lens and potentially cause damage to the EVF screen. Always use the included Sun Mask and immediately put lens cap over lens when not in use.

The electronic components have a limited 1 year warranty.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by lborgioli
12/27/2016 - 11:03:44 PM
Pro? Absolutely!
This is an incredible electronic wonder! I am kicking myself for going the cheap route all these years. So much function built into an amazing display. This is what film making is all about, the absolute right equipment for the job will make for a better film. Hands down a must for Indie and Pro filmmakers! Life just got good again!!
Reviewed by m_haley
10/21/2016 - 11:09:01 PM
Z-Finder EVF Pro
I bought this product a couple of years ago, mostly because I wanted to be able to focus correctly with my Canon 5D MK2. Using the EVF Pro (with the magnifier) allows you to see in very good (and necessary) detail. What I like about this product is the good quality. It is well made, durable, and I'm rarely afraid that something will break on it. In fact I've been using it for over 2 years and everything is just like new. I also appreciate that Zacuto released new firmware which improves/adds more functions and options to it. It's a sign that the company cares about the product and its users. Finally, the experience of seeing your image with the magnifier really gives you a sense of being close with the image, the image is huge and it's beautiful that way.
I've used the EVF on all of my serious shoots and I'm really grateful for having it. Among the other features I like are the ratios that you can have, and the option of seeing your chosen ratio as a line or as a filled box. Even today as I reread the manual I see that I am not using the EVF to its full potential, and that is good to see.
Reviewed by photo67
05/05/2016 - 02:05:03 PM
Super impressed with the quality and build of this optical Bad-Boy.
The Z-Finder EVF Pro is professionally made and well designed. HIGHLY recommend it for all those needing that extra accuracy in visual continuity.
Reviewed by dillonchristiannowak
11/25/2015 - 09:21:31 PM
Very nice product
I used this with the Digital Bolex D16 and it works just perfectly. Looking forward to owning my own.
Reviewed by JulieNoodle
09/20/2015 - 01:33:19 AM
Everyone is right this is the sh**!
This little guy is a miracle worker! For the price you cannot get a better EVF. This FLIP/Finder combo is a truly professional choice and before I upgraded to my Gratical X, ousted this little guy on EVERYTHING! The ONE thing I wish this had was LUT's. If this EVF had LUT capability for us LOG shooters, it'd be better than anything on the market. EP6 batteries, lightweight, durable as hell, and easy to mount I recommend this EVF to ANYONE especially shooters who are just starting out. This will help you learn about why your shot isn't perfect. It'll give you the ability to see things much clearer and in way somehow makes you "feel" professional even if you're just a hobbyist. Well done Zacuto, well done.
Reviewed by dustinp35
09/01/2015 - 04:22:24 PM
A Must-Have!
For the money, this EVF can't be beat.

I've used the Cineroid, but the Zacuto crushes the competition.

After using this for 3 years with my Canon 5D Mark III, I've finally made the upgrade to the GraticalHD. I actually miss the light weight and excellent battery performance from the EVF Pro. Obviously the features and resolution are far inferior, but this little guy is an essential tool for DSLR filmmakers!
Reviewed by SullyCortez
03/09/2015 - 11:18:06 PM
Beyond Amazing!
This EVF is absolutely amazing! Not only does it do almost every single format I could possibly connect to it (used the GH4, a7S, A6000, and hell even a GoPro Hero4 Black!) and without fail it performed flawlessly. Stunning visuals, easy to mount, professional and rugged design. Nothing is better than the Zacuto EVF and I HIGHLY recommend it for any HDSLR/HDSLM filmmaker or any and all filmmakers from all walks of life. This truly is a wonder tool and has turned my shots and footage from 'closely in focus' to tack sharp. Love it love it love it! Thank you ZACUTO!!!
Reviewed by anon
12/10/2014 - 04:07:01 PM
Essential tool for DSLR filmmakers
I love using the Z-Finder EVF Pro. The eyepiece has a really nice comfortable feel against your face, and it shields the sun from reflecting against the screen. The 2.5x magnification is a big plus-it's really easy to get critical focus, which can be a challenge with a DSLR. Speaking of focus, I love the red line peaking feature, which highlights the area that is in focus in red. The bold color is really helpful when the objects on screen are similar in color. When shooting snow, it can be hard to find the perfect exposure. You don't want to blow out the snow and you don't want your subject to be totally dark either. With two different IRE settings on the EVF that you can customize, I can tell if faces are the correct exposure, while also knowing if the snow or sky is too bright. Genius! Best of all, I can program three buttons on the side to my liking, making it super easy to access my most helpful controls. Now, my DSLR feels like a video camera.

by Juliana Broste

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