Z-Finder Adhesive Frame for GH Cameras

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  • Z-Finder Adhesive Frame for GH Cameras
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Z-Finder Adhesive Frame for GH Cameras
Product ID : Z-FRM-GH1
Price: $6.00
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This frame is for use with our line of Z-Finder Viewfinders. It is compatible with all Z-Finders. This is the only mounting solution to use our viewfinders with the Panasonic GF1, GH1, GH2, and G5. This frame also fits the GH3 though we recommend our metal mounting system be used with this camera. A Z-Finder packaged with a mounting system for the GH3 can be found here.

This frame hangs slightly below the camera body which can interfere with a tripod plate. We recommend using our Gorilla Plate (this plate is included with all Z-Finder Pro packages) underneath your camera to create a level platform for your tripod plate.

We recommend our Z-Bands be used with these small cameras and our Z-Finder Pro for additional protection and stabilization.

To use, take the mounting frame and peel off the adhesive protection. Slowly bring the frame down to the LCD screen being careful to align the edges of the frame to the edges of the light LCD image. Make sure that the frame is aligned and square. Apply pressure with some weight such as a book for 24 hours to fully cure. After 24 hours the Z-Finder can snap on and off the frame.

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Reviewed by wigercj
wigercj bought "Z-Finder Adhesive Frame for GH Cameras" on our website
10/14/2015 - 02:03:22 PM
You'll need to buy a few of them
The adhesive frame works great on my GH4 but the adhesivness does not last very long, especially outside. The frame holds the Z-finder on just fine but when it comes time to remove the z-finder, the adhesive frame comes off the lcd screen. Provides a lot of versatility when i use my z-finder with other accessories but perhaps there's a more permanent and robust solution to mounting the z-finder directly on your screen...
Reviewed by SullyCortez
SullyCortez bought "Z-Finder Adhesive Frame for GH Cameras" on our website
09/08/2015 - 04:06:32 PM
These frames are ok, I use them for my GH4 when using the GH4 in a cage or other device that prevents me from attaching the Zacuto Gorilla plate (which is almost always. The design on these is simple, they stick to the screen with an adhesive. The only problem? The adhesive isn't strong enough AT ALL even with ZBands attached I find myself constnatly ripping off the zfinder and GH4 frames because they're just simply not as secure as being screwed in like with the gorilla plate. THANKFULLY small rig has just made the DSLR Versa cage (small) which actually have a baseplate specifically designed to accomadate the ACTUAL zfinder frame (the one with screws). NOW you can properly attach the zfinder without worrying about it falling off using these adhesive frames. Don't get me wrong, I like the frames they do work, but i'd feel safer knowing they weren't gonna rip off my GH4 screen protector or the screen iteslf everytime I attach the ZFinder...

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