Z-Finder 3" Mounting Frame for Small DSLR Bodies with Battery Grips

Z-Finder 3" Mounting Frame for Small DSLR Bodies with Battery Grips
Product ID : Z-MFSB
Price: $120.00
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The Z-Finder 3" Mounting Frame for Small DSLR Bodies with Battery Grips is for use with the DSLR Gorilla plate or Mini DSLR Baseplate in order to attach a Zacuto Z-Finder to your camera LCD. It is designed for small body cameras with 3” x 2” LCD screens like the Canon 5D M2/7D/T2i or Nikon D300/7000 when being used with a battery grip. This frame is compatible with all Z-Finders.

This frame DOES NOT WORK with 3rd party battery grips.

This frame is not compatible with the D800, 5D Mark III or any camera with a 3.2” LCD screen. A frame for MIII and D800 with a battery grip is available here.

The Z-Finder frame attaches to the Gorilla Plate or Mini DSLR Baseplate with an included Z-Finder Mounting Frame Slide Kit. This slide enable front to back, side to side, and up and down adjustment to line the frame up with the camera LCD. The frame has a rubber coating on the back to avoid scratching and to ensure a clean seal with the LCD screen.

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Reviewed by btaylor
03/17/2016 - 03:10:14 PM
Necessary and very good
I purchased a Z-Finder 2.5 for my Canon EOS 7D and because I have the add-on battery grip for my camera, I had to buy this mounting frame. At the time, I was a bit ticked because it could not be exchanged for the standard mounting frame that came with the Z-Finder. When I received it, I was very impressed with the quality of the frame..... it is amazingly well made - it sits tight, no flexing or bending.... AWESOME! I just wish Zacuto might change their purchase options to allow you to pick the frame to match your camera when ordering. Great product, though.
Reviewed by cameraenthusiast1984
10/08/2015 - 02:14:40 PM
Great for cages too!
If you have ever used a cage, then you know that sometimes it will raise the camera body higher than the normal zframe will allow... well, with this unit, whether you have a battery grip or a cage, it will allow you to adjust the frame much higher which for me has helped tremendously. I highly recommend this product.

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