Z CAM E2 and E2 Flagship Cage

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Z CAM E2 and E2 Flagship Cage
Product ID : Z-CME2
Price: $205.00
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Check out our ACT Recoil Rig with FREE EVF for the Z CAM! 

Our Z CAM E2 and E2 Flagship Cage is compatible with  Z CAM E2, E2G, E2-S6, E2-F6, E2-F8 camera bodies. The unique, modular cage is comprised of 6 pieces - 2 Side Plates, 1 Top Plate, 1 Bottom Plate, a USB Clamp, and an HDMI Clamp. All of this weighs in at just under ½ lb! The Side Plates, Bottom Plate, and both clamps are all separate pieces that can be used independent of each other. The Top Plate uses screw ports in the Side Plates to mount securely and can only be used with both Side Plates in place. 

The Top Plate attaches to the camera using a ¼ 20” screw and then connects to each Side Plate with a ¼ 20” screw. It has a built in Z-Rail, ¼ 20” screw holes  and ARRI 3/8″ accessory mount for attaching accessories. Each Side Plate has a built in Z-Rail, M6 Rosette and accepts any ARRI 3/8″ accessory mount as well. The Bottom Plate attaches to the Z CAM cameras with two ¼ 20” screws and a locating pin. The Bottom Plate is Zacuto ACT compatible (and Arca-Swiss compatible).

The USB Clamp and HDMI Clamp screw directly into the camera. These pieces can be purchased separately as well. This is a must have feature to protect your cabling and USB and HDMI port. 

The Z-Rails built in to the top and sides of our Z CAM Cage makes it easy to mount a Tactical Handle on one or both sides. Or, add our unique Zarn, a wooden ball handgrip! Add an SSD Holder to mount an SSD drive, add rods with a ACT Baseplate, or mount your accessories with a Z-Rail Ball Mount. The possibilities are endless with the Zacuto Z CAM Cage.

Additional Accessories:

SSD Drive Holder- Attaches to the top plate.
Metabones Support for E2 camera- screws into the bottom plate of the cage
Tactical Handle
ACT Mounting Plate
ACT Baseplate

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Reviewed by ysoltys
12/19/2019 - 04:56:33 PM
Best low profile cage for the Z Cam E2 line of cameras... period.
Got this cage for my Z Cam E2 and what a treat! I previously had another cage from on the E2 but the Zacuto cage is so much lighter and more intuitive and best of all it works across the E2 line including all the flagship S6 F6 and F8. The best features of this cage would be its top rail that makes mounting and adjusting the top handle a breeze and without tools is a major plus, and the other feature is the built in rosette mounts which made the whole cage much thinner not having to use another attachment for handles. Lastly and one very important feature for me was the mounting screws are attached to the cage and when you disassemble the cage the screws stay on the cage which is very convenient if you loose screws like me. This cage might be a bit more money then the others offered but the features and build quality make it worth every penny!

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