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Z-Bands are compatible with the Z-Finder Pro and V2. They are not compatible with the Z-Finder Jr. The Z-Bands are elastic rubber bands to help hold the Z-finder in place. The Z-bands must be used with a standard Z-Finder mount. They are an added security measure but cannot be used alone to hold the z-finder on the camera. The Z-Bands stretch around your camera and fit into the small ball sockets in the corners of your Z-Finder body.

The Z-Bands will not work with the Canon 7D due to the specific shape and curvature of the camera.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by photo67
05/05/2016 - 01:57:56 PM
The Ultimate solution to help prevent the heavy duty eyepiece from over balancing or from "Gravity" from taking over. Perfect...
Reviewed by btaylor
btaylor bought "Z-Bands" on our website
03/28/2016 - 04:50:59 PM
Peace of mind
I use my camera in some places where you not want to drop it - or the pieces attached to it. These bands give me great peace of mind when working over water, etc. and I know that even if I didn't mount my Z-Finder perfectly, it's not going to end up at the bottom of the lake. Great idea!
Reviewed by cameraenthusiast1984
10/08/2015 - 02:17:32 PM
love these little guys
I have a few z-bands and I absolutely love their design. They are meant to go over your camera body when using the zacuto evf and the z finder. it just holds the zfinder tightly against the evf so it wont fall off. Pointless if you're usin gthe EVF Flip, since you're flip ability is now effectively gone, however if you're not using the flip feature much, this is perfect for keeping your zfinder right where it should be. Just wish they used this for more than just the zfinder/evf and wish the material they were made out of didn't out stretch over time... like maybe try using some seriously dense teflon or nylon. Even maybe think about using mylar zacuto.
Reviewed by JulieNoodle
09/20/2015 - 01:45:08 AM
Super durable
Super durable and great for keeping your zfinder snug against your EVF or your camera.

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