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Product ID : Z-TRN
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The Tornado grip connects to the Zacuto Z-Drive (not included) follow focus via a standard whip port. Due to the unique 60 degree curved shape of the Z-Drive and the comfortable horn shape of the Tornado grip, these products combine to create a unique mechanical follow focus handgrip perfect for single operator shoulder mounted work. This is particularly useful in Zacuto Recoil style setups where the camera is directly over your shoulder. The curve in the Z-Drive brings focusing forward so you can reach it comfortably and the Tornado attachment completes the setup.

Slide the Tornado grip into the Z-Drive whip port by pushing down on the round plunger and pushing the Tornado into the port. Once you release this plunger it will be securely attached. Grab the horn handle with your bottom three fingers, placing your forefinger and thumb on the scalloped focus wheel. Turn your whole hand to focus. For lenses with a large focus rotation, release your thumb and forefinger, ratchet your wrist back and grab the scalloped wheel once again for more range.

This unique Zacuto twist on the traditional follow focus and whip set up is perfectly engineered for use with a Recoil kit.

Looking for a full handle kit? We offer the Z-Drive and Tornado together with a single handgrip in our Recoil Handgrip Kit.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
12/03/2018 - 07:18:48 AM
Nice grip
This is very nice to have together with the Z-drive, very easy to use.
Reviewed by UnseenCreative
09/13/2018 - 04:58:30 PM
A Must Have For the Z-Drive
If you're going to buy a Z-Drive, you MUST get the Tornado. The Tornado grip is a lot of fun to use, and adds a lot of extra stability and control to shots, which is great.

My C100 ii recoil rig, once built out is a bit annoying to put down, but since the Tornado has a quick release, I just pop that off and lead the camera on the C100 grip, and the bottom of my friction grip on the left side of my rig that holds my external monitor on.

This was the final piece I bought for my recoil rig and I couldn't be happier with it.
Reviewed by michaeljherbert
michaeljherbert bought "Tornado" on our website
09/18/2017 - 12:02:31 PM
An Inventive Piece Of Gear
I was not certain that this addition to the Z-Drive would be worth the price, but, after spending a few days with it, I am happy to report that it is worth every penny. It's a simple, yet inventive, piece of gear that helps you dial in focus more easily, better control racks, and helps reduce hand/arm fatigue. It slides into place without difficulty and can be removed quickly, if necessary. I appreciate that Zacuto makes gear for the kind of run-and-gun shoots that make up the bulk of my work.
Reviewed by Constanze
08/15/2017 - 09:09:58 PM
The Tornado might be a very useful product for shooting without a focus puller. Unfortunately I used a matte box for my shooting and couldn’t attach the Tornado to my rig because there was not enough space. If you are shooting without a matte box, the Tornado is a very useful accessory. Nonetheless I hope that someday the Tornado can even be used with a mattebox!
Reviewed by notevendreams
07/24/2017 - 09:14:14 PM
The Tornado Review
The Tornado is absolutely a must have if you are going to be using a run and gun, one person handheld rig. We found this to be especially true when you are moving on to larger cameras, like The Red Epic W. When paired with the Z Drive, the Tornado makes focusing and operating at the same time a sinch. The Tornado itself also acts as a handle, so no more stabilizing via focusing with the lens. It lets the operator have 3 points of stabilization(the VTC Pro Baseplate shoulder pad, Zgrip Z-Mount Zwivel handgrip, and Tornado), and freedom to move. My only quaff would be that the lens rings are a bit shallow, they work but I prefer thicker rings, better grip for the Z Drive. Overall, the Tornado a really great tool.
Reviewed by LCPCANADA
10/28/2016 - 05:07:19 PM
Perfect fit for the Recoil Rig
I recently began using an Indie Recoil rig with a Gratical EVF and love the additional of this Tornado and Z Drive. I use this with my Sony A7S and Rokinon Cinema lenses and focusing is a breeze! Definitely recommend buying one.
Reviewed by Jasongareth
01/18/2016 - 01:30:34 AM
Needed for that balance
A solid build and intuitive thinking puts the Tornado high up on my list. I use it with the FS7 rig and its a huge help taking the weight off my right arm as well as adding stability from my palm while i pull focus with my fingers in the same hand!Recommended if you are using any 'on the shoulder' rigs with a Z-drive.
07/08/2015 - 08:09:31 AM
Prefect fit
The Tornado fits in your hand perfectly. Smooth operation with just the right amount of effort. The quality of this 9and all Zacuto products) is top notch. Great for keeping you hand out in front of you. A must have with the Z-Drive
Reviewed by mliu1983
06/30/2015 - 09:23:58 PM
A must have if you own a z-drive
Even though this is technically an extension to the z-drive, it really is a must have. The z-drive works without it but it shines when paired with this. You get comfortable grips and the ability to ratchet the focus (can focus past a single turn without wobbling).
Reviewed by Elemeknow
Elemeknow bought "Tornado" on our website
06/03/2015 - 04:12:22 PM
Extremely well thought out and well built!
The tornado allows you to do things no order grip I've ever used can. You can literally stabilize your shot and pull focus with one hand. Angling the end to support your hand is amazing, but what's even better is when you pull focus with the most gentle twist of your wrist.

If you have a next gen rig and a Z-drive, this little baby right here will complete the package. No more focus issues while shooting on your shoulder, shots will be stabilized, and it seriously is built to last a generation.

Reviewed by Realprod
02/17/2015 - 12:36:04 PM
Really well built and great for supporting your camera and controlling your focus. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by professor.z
12/24/2014 - 04:56:58 PM
It's about time!
Wow this thing is amazing!!!!!! Why didn't anybody think of this before?! It has totally refined my DSLR shooting with my Scorpion as I can now freely move about and follow focus without letting go of my handgrip. It is really comfortable and easy to use. It works great!
The only thing is when I set my Scorpion down on the ground this grip pushes up into my lens dislodging it a little bit. I have resorted to keeping my two regular hand grips on the front of the Scorpion, with the tornado further up front,so I can put the whole rig down the ground when I'm not shooting. But it's not a big deal when you consider how much this grip will help your shooting! An amazing invention! Brilliant you guys!

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