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  • Top Plate for RED DSMC2
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Top Plate for RED DSMC2
Product ID : Z-RTP
Price: $300.00
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The Top Plate -Z-RTP is designed to work with the RED DSMC2 body, which includes the which includes the Raven, Weapon, Epic Weapon (Epic-W), and Scarlet Weapon (Scarlet-W) Monstro, Helium and Gemini. It attaches to the top of the camera via four included ¼ 20 thread screws. It has numerous ¼ 20 screw holes on the top and sides for attaching various accessories. There are built in POGO connectors for the RED monitor and remote trigger accessory connections. You can also add Z-Locks on the front of the plate for adding top 15mm rods for mounting motors, etc by emailing At the back of the plate is a vertical 15mm rod port for mounting a Zamerican arm or another 15mm rod accessory.

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Reviewed by lukerosen
12/23/2018 - 01:25:39 PM
Think you don't need this? Think again.
So this may just be a top plate for your Red DSMC2 camera, but it does much more than just act as a top plate. This piece is crucial for an EVF recoil, but also lets you mount a lot more on top of your camera than you'd imagine.

First off, you have the standard red connector ports on top which let you add handle accessories to start/stop your camera, as well as attach a monitor. You've got a picatinny rail up front to put a zacuto top handle on, which allows you to add an EVF, but you also have tons of 3/8 16 and 1/4 20 mounts to screw in additional accessories.

Add in the 15mm lightweight rod support on the back, AND the fan cover (somehow my hoodie drawstrings always get caught in the fan but not once did this happen with the top plate!) and you've got yourself a solid piece of kit that is worth picking up for your next zacuto order. Great job Zacuto team for designing a functional, and HIGHLY RELIABLE top plate.
Reviewed by jcori2692
11/18/2018 - 10:21:11 AM
Perfect in design
There's a few key and small details that makes this top plate like no other in the market.

1.) The front Z rail is perfect in length. It works with the CP2s and Canon CN-E primes and does not get in the way of the weird diameter of the lenses. It also lets you mount the EVF using zacutos 45 degree 15mm accessories or you can add zacutos top handles to the rail if you want.

2.) no problem with the pass through

3.) 1/4 and 3/8 holes are placed in actual useful areas. There are two 1/4 that run next to the fans. This allows you to attach the z-rail vertically down the top place so you can slide it back and forth for counter balance. I love this!! Especially when using a variety of lenses.

4.) It's light weight. Doesn't add much weight.

5.) It's gimbal friendly. I use my Red on the Ronin 2 a ton and it supports the height/space of my system.

I don't use the 15mm top accessories holder on the plate but I can definitely see the benefits of having one where it is placed. This plate is a good value to price.

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