Ratcheting Lever

Ratcheting Lever
Product ID : Z-RL
Price: $9.75
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The Zacuto ratcheting levers are fully adjustable in the field. It’s great when tightening or loosening a lever in a tight spot. One benefit our levers have over other ratcheting levers on the market is that the screw we use bottoms out in the piece and the lever rotates around that. This means you’re not going to accidentally unscrew your lever out of your rig and lose it. When the lever is loosened the screw that it rotates on stays snug in the piece. This upgrade kit gives you one ratcheting lever. These can be used to replace the “normal” Zacuto small lever on any of your existing Zacuto pieces. We also sell a Ratcheting Lever Kit, which includes 4 levers.

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Reviewed by zedd
zedd bought "Ratcheting Lever" on our website
11/17/2015 - 03:57:44 PM
Great little ratcheting lever!
The quality is the best, all machined aluminum. Replaces all standard levers on Zacuto gear. I used one of these to add a second ratcheting lever to one side of a Zoffset, essentially turning it into a miniMount.


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