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Product ID : Z-DMR
Price: $775.00
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The Marauder is the first of its kind, a foldable DSLR run’n’gun rig. It’s small enough to fit in your back pocket but when unfolded, it’s an extremely stable DSLR camera support. The Marauder unfolds instantly to fit you and is ready to shoot in seconds. It folds up just as fast and can then fit into any carry on, backpack, purse, camera bag or cargo pants pocket. The Marauder includes both a gunstock and an adjustable handgrip to create a small stable framework.

The Marauder includes our Gorilla Plate V2 as the platform for your camera. You can attach your Zacuto Z-Finder Mounting Frame to this Gorilla Plate V2. Attach your camera to the plate with the single ¼ 20 screw and quick release on and off the Marauder with the red quick release ratcheting lever. The Gorilla Plate can be attached at two different points. Keep the Marauder in a vertical position for use with a Zacuto Z-Finder. This will give you the correct distance from your eye to the Z-Finder eyecup. Extend the Marauder via the red push lever to place the camera further away for use without a Z-Finder. This gives you a bit more distance to focus on the camera LCD.

The handgrip can be adjusted into five different positions for individual comfort and is locked with the release of the red lever. The grip itself also articulates and locks with red locking lever. Built into the Marauder is a gunstock with a comfy rubber pad. Adjust the angle and/or position of the gunstock with the two Allen screws to conform to your body size and shape.

The Marauder folds up by first quick releasing your camera off the rig. Then push the red push lever to snap the camera support arm down. Push down on the silver circular cap to flip the gunstock away and depress the paddle lever to tuck the handle in place next to the gunstock. Reverse to quickly get the Marauder ready to shoot! Please click on our video tab to watch a short video demonstrating the collapsible features of this kit.

Want to add front rods to hold a follow focus? Consider adding our
Mini DSLR Baseplate. Need to adapt the Gorilla Plate V2 to a tripod/dolly/monopod etc.? Check out the Gorilla Tripod Dock.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by MennaPritchard
06/02/2016 - 05:24:17 AM
Favourite piece of kit
We're currently working on a documentary film, exploring the psychology of risk taking in the mountains ( Our shooting has primarily taken place in the backcountry, shooting in often unpredictable weather and on exposed rock faces and glaciers.

For alpine shooting you need alpine ready kit (fast and light). This collapsable run'n'gun rig has been invaluable - small and light enough to clip to a harness, chuck in the rucksack or to ski and climb with, robust in some of the harshest conditions. The three points of contact (well, four as we use with the Z-Finder Pro) offer great stability.

It takes just seconds to fold out and get shooting - vital when you're shooting in exposed and sometimes dangerous locations. It's also easy and quick to adjust (e.g when being passed from our 5ft4 female producer to our 6ft male director!)

And if there was ever proof of a products user-friendliness and stability - it's seeing a child (Producers 6yr old daughter!) confidently shoot with it.
Reviewed by coreywstein
01/22/2016 - 08:10:47 AM
Filming in the Burj Khalifa and all around Dubai
This little stabilizer is incredible!
I recently shot a project in Dubai for two months covering the worlds largest fireworks display. As it sounds it was an arduous task and had me and my partner shooting over 12 hours a day. Often times I'd be running around with this rig getting the shots.
One night in particular I was asked to climb through the Burj Khalifa and get shots on multiple levels of the building. I did so only because of this rig. I could pack it up into my backpack and I literally had my camera, lenses, sound gear and extra gear with me all in a school backpack essentially.
As far as size goes this rig is ultimately the best because it packs so small. With the Zacuto eyepiece this becomes an extremely stabile and smooth rig while standing in one place. For the price and strength of this peice it's incomparable. I recommend it to any doc. shooter or any new to semi-new filmmaker who's looking for a semi-cheap way to start achieving incredibly smooth shots!
Reviewed by professor.z
11/11/2015 - 04:43:09 PM
brilliant piece of work
I bought this to take around with me when I'm not using my Indie Recoil Rig as well as when I have someone shooting second camera for me. It is so brilliant...I don't know how I lived without it..well actually I's called warp stabilizer in Premiere Pro/After Effects. But with this rig I think I won't be using that tool as much as I used to. I can easily carry this in a back pack along with my Indie Recoil rig for any situation or for a second shooter. It is light and strong and elegant. Right now it is in North India on a film expedition with some friends of mine shooting a documentary about the Life of Buddha. I was so happy I got it in time to lend it to them. It may be my favorite piece of Zavcuto equipment.
Reviewed by wigercj
08/10/2015 - 01:02:28 PM
This is a run and gun filmmakers dream. Super comfortable grip and light weight design allows me to get steadycam-like shots. I can pull this thing out and get to shooting in less than 30 seconds. This type of rig can really add so much value to your production when you need to get things done quick and easy. love it
Reviewed by LCPCANADA
07/20/2015 - 02:15:00 PM
Perfect for the Cinematographer on the Run!
I recently had the opportunity to use 2 of the Marauder Rigs with the Z-Finder for a music video shoot. The shoot lasted 1 month and had over 12 locations and some long 14 hours days on set. The Marauder was perfect! It was easy to operate and setup took less than 5 minutes. Small, light, and compact- perfect for the cinematographer on the run! Definitely recommend this product.
Reviewed by MSalowey
07/08/2015 - 08:25:10 AM
Well Made
Love how well made this is. Real quality. This unit folds down in seconds and once open is a solid piece of equipment. Great for quick shots and Run'n Gun shooting. Everything they said it was.
Reviewed by anon
12/10/2014 - 03:46:47 PM
perfect rig?
I travel a lot, and do a lot of run and gun shooting, so having lightweight, portable equipment is important to me. The Marauder is very sturdy with three points of contact. I added the Zacuto Z-Finder Pro for a fourth point of contact. Another nice thing is that the Marauder is adjustable. The handgrip is on a ball joint and allows you to adjust to whatever feels best for you. If you're like me and travel a lot or do a lot of run and gun shooting, the Marauder may be th perfect rig for you.

Matt Janowsky

Watch my video review

Reviewed by stevegregory
09/12/2014 - 09:02:08 AM
So awesome
This is the most amazing mount I have ever owned. Absolutely rock solid, and packs up in to my camera bag. I have taken it around the world, up mountains, and on plenty of commercial jobs. It's my favourite piece of gear. Love, love, love it.

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