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GH5 Cage
Product ID : Z-G5C
Price: $495.00
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The GH5/GH5S Cage is our “no-cage” cage for the Panasonic GH5 and GH5s - lightweight and compact, it packs in a ton of features! The GH5 Cage screws into the bottom of the camera with a provided ¼ 20 screw. It also attaches to the sides of the camera, using the Panasonic eyelets neck strap connection with provided screws. It includes a Zacuto camera hand strap for a secure and comfortable grip on the camera. The cage ends at the eyelet neck strap connection, allowing you to use the camera's built in handgrip, keeping the cage small and light and have easy access to all camera controls.

The top of the cage includes numerous ¼ 20 for mounting accessories. It also has a built in Z-Rail for mounting an optional top handle or other accessories. The bottom of the cage has 2 ¼" 20 threads and a 3/8" 16 thread for a tripod plate and a built in dovetail to slide into a VCT Pro shoulder mount baseplate or VCT Pro dock so you can quickly move your camera from handheld, to shoulder mount, to tripod shooting. The dovetail connection point is also where you will connect the optional 15mm lightweight rod support for attaching matte boxes, follow focuses, motors, etc. It will also slide onto our VCT Pro and VCT Pro Dock.

The cage is designed for full access to the camera’s battery door, hotshoe and full button control. There is also an optional Metabones adapter support. Included with the cage is a left wooden handgrip with a built in cold shoe. Putting the coldshoe on the left gets it out of the way of the XLR cables for the optional Panasonic audio module mounted to the camera’s hotshoe. For those using the HDMI output, the cage includes an HDMI cable clamp to hold the full size HDMI cable steady to reduce strain. The cable clamp screws directly into the camera - so you can use it without the cage!


Ultra Slim & Lightweight
Cage with side handle .9 lbs, Cage without side handle .6 lbs
Includes a Zacuto camera hand strap for stability and comfort while using the camera’s grip
Access to camera’s battery, hotshoe and full button control
Attaches to camera’s neck strap eyelets for  secure connection
Top Z-Rail for top handle or accessories
Can slide into the VCT Pro shoulder mount baseplate or Dock
HDMI cable clamp for strain relief
Removable Wooden side handle with built in coldshoe
Optional non-rod based Micro 4/3rds to EF Metabones support
Optional Top handle with built in cold shoe
HDMI pincher that screws directly into camera
Optional 15mm rod lock
Optional 15mm rod support base
Optional Atomos Inferno Mount 
Replacement 1/4-20 Screw 

*To attach a Z-Finder with the GH5 Cage, you can use the 3.2" Adhesive Frame

*Purchase a custom Portbrace bag here

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cameraperson
03/19/2019 - 03:54:29 AM
quality product
This was my first Zacuto buy. It's good enough that after using it for a while I bought some more of their kit. I've had my little GH5 in the cage for over a year and am very happy with it.

A couple of negative points to mention. Others have spoken of the obstructed assignable button on the front near the lens mount. That was a little disappointing for a person used to working with broadcast cameras. I'll take every assignable button on offer with these little stills cameras. Not a deal breaker though.

Also the cage is not a perfect fit. Once nestled in with the bottom 1/4" screw, you have to force it to meet up with the neck-strap eyelets. Don't tighten the base screw till you completed that task.

And a HUGE caveat emptor for ALL Zacuto products. You will need to go out and buy a new set of hex wrenches. I found out too late after ruining one of the teeny-weeny allen screws for the eyelets with my metric allen key.

Great product though. I like the Z-rail handle. I can use that on the side as an aid for hand-holding or on the top as just a carry handle. The handle has a cold shoe and I can mount my VF on that if I'm not mounting it on the magic arm.

Thc cage fits well with the rod support base.
Reviewed by comewecreate
01/23/2019 - 12:18:45 PM
Versatile & Well-Designed
We used the GH5 Cage for the first time while filming on location and found it to be versatile and well-designed. The cage is solid yet surprisingly light and easy to maneuver.

It's great for situations where you need to move around and is flexible when it comes to adding additional pieces of equipment to the setup (like monitors and mics).

Together with Zacuto's shoulder rig, the mirrorless camera becomes a professional setup that made filming run smoothly through all scenes. It's an excellent piece and a sound investment for a great setup. Plus, it's fun to use and feels good in your hands!
Reviewed by maxjet
08/02/2018 - 05:49:51 PM
Panasonic GH5 Cage: Z-G5C
Recently I had the opportunity to use a GH5 with a Zacuto custom cage and loved it! The cage is super light and rugged, yet very modular. The Zacuto cage had both a side handle and padded hand grip. It was super easy to use for hand held shots. Building the cage was super easy, adding a top handle to mount a small HD monitor, Rode video mic pro and a small light. It a little more expensive than other cages but well worth the money!
Reviewed by DavoTheDirector
06/04/2018 - 12:19:32 PM
The Non-Cage Cage
Love love love it. I must admit though, it is my first and only cage that I own. I researched extensively before diving into the Zactuo line of gear. I was a mili-second away for getting the Tilta cage for GH5 but it fell short after thinking about it for a a day. No side handle, too boxy, etc...However, when I saw this I was ecstatic because it has the soft-leather/strong adjustable hand grip on the right side. It was key for me, as that's how I was used to shooting in the past. It has room for all accessories. Small HD monitor, audio rig, mic, etc. I've dropped my camera a few time sin the field and never a scratch, the metal is machined very well and it's sturdy. I was lucky enough to go to Zacuto HQ and they installed the camera for me, but it took less than two minutes. With all my accessories removed it is stil quite small and I'm able to use it comfortably as a stand alone camera/cage for stills, shooting incognito, etc. It does remove easiy from the cage itself, as there are two side screws that are a li bit sketchy to easily remove for a quick switchover but as i said, leaving in the cage is small and compact and not impossible to use as 'just a camera' for walking around and shooting urban stills, street photography, etc. It looks great, feels great, works even better. The ONE gripe I do have is the Fn6 button, it is unavailable with the cage on the camera. This cage is part of my daily rig and I love it.
Reviewed by albodoin
01/24/2018 - 11:28:46 AM
Solid cage!
This is the ultimate cage for this camera! I have seen a lot of people trying different companies because of the price or availability, but honestly it's nothing compared to this one. My only problem so far was the installation, most of the screws were not perfectly aligned with the strap rings so I had to force it and at the same time scratch the top of the camera. Altough once it's fixed it doesn't move at all!
Reviewed by cmoore
11/13/2017 - 09:31:09 AM
Great Product!
Well built, well thought out. It fits perfectly into the professional "cinema" workflow for this camera. Great adjustable handle, all metal HDMI cable clamp and more. For me the ergonomics are perfect!

What carlosman said about the negative points is true, but thats all pretty minor stuff.

Other then flying the camera with a gimbal, as a video shooter, there is no reason to take your GH5 out of the cage.
Reviewed by carlosman
10/05/2017 - 12:35:47 PM
Extremely well built
Positive points:

It is a snug fit on the GH5. It is the lightest I have used, given the feature set. The engineering and craftsmanship are evident. It is the only cage for the GH5, that I have seen and touched, which fits like a glove on that camera, while letting you use the XLR adapter and keeping the battery door free. It also allows access to the false battery cable door in front. The anchor points make it a rock-solid attachment and it adds very little to the camera footprint and weight. The HDMI clamp is SOLID.

Negative points - All things considered, these are very minor disadvantages, but here:

It blocks the remote port window and the function button on the side of the lens mount (Fn6).


Given the rich rigging ecosystem afforded by this cage to the GH5, I would recommend this one well above all others I have looked at and over those I have evaluated by specifications only.
Reviewed by rmassoud
09/05/2017 - 10:46:52 PM
Solid fit !
Wow this cage is rock solid, built very well this is the only cage that I know of that you can use the xlr module and the Ninja Inferno at the same time. Nice job Zacuto.

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