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Fuji X-T3 Cage
Product ID : Z-FAC
Price: $295.00
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The Fuji X-T3 Cage is our  “no-cage” cage - lightweight and compact, and compatible with Zacuto's own Arca Swiss- The 'Polaris'. It packs in a ton of features! The Cage screws into the bottom of the camera with a provided ¼ 20 screw. It also attaches to the sides of the camera, using the Fuji eyelets neck strap connection with provided screws. It includes a Zacuto camera hand strap for a secure and comfortable grip on the camera. The cage ends at the eyelet neck strap connection, allowing you to use the camera's built-in handgrip, keeping the cage small and light and have easy access to all camera controls.

The top of the cage includes numerous ¼ 20 for mounting accessories. It also has a built-in Z-Rail for mounting an optional top handle or other accessories. The bottom of the cage has 2 ¼" 20 threads and a 3/8" 16 thread for a tripod plate and a built-in Arca Swiss compatible plate to mount to any Arca Swiss compatible quick release mounting base or Zacuto's own Polaris Mounting Plate. This allows you to move quickly from handheld, to shoulder mount, to tripod shooting.

If you’d like to add rods onto your cage, you can slide the cage into our Polaris Baseplate and from there you can also build a shoulder rig.

Optional Hand Grips:

Side Handle-  The Side Handle is a rail compatible wooden handgrip intended for use on the left side of our cages. It features a built-in cold shoe. This side handle allows for smooth movement up and down and a balanced grip on the cage. This handle can be mounted on the side of our mirrorless cages. This handle can be used on a Z-Rail or compatible rail  NATO, SWAT, RED, PICATINNY, and WOODEN CAMERA rails. 

The Zarn, inspired by filmmaker Clinton Harn, is a railed mounted wood ball-shaped handgrip. It slides onto any Z-Rail, or any compatible rail*.  It was designed to be mounted on the side of our mirrorless cages but can mount on any cage with rails. The ball shape grip allows for smooth camera movement in the palm of your hand and is best utilized with a “ball and socket” technique.

*Compatible rails are - NATO, SWAT, RED, PICATINNY, and WOODEN CAMERA rails.


Ultra Slim & Lightweight

Cage with side handle .9 lbs, Cage without side handle .6 lbs

Includes a Zacuto camera hand strap for stability and comfort while using the camera’s grip

Access to camera’s battery, hotshoe and full button control

Attaches to camera’s neck strap eyelets for secure connection

Top Z-Rail for top handle or accessories

Polaris compatible (Arca Swiss compatible) 

HDMI Lock and HDMI Adapter

Removable Wooden side handle with built-in coldshoe

Optional Top handle with a built-in cold shoe or Extended top handle for mounting the optional XLR-K2M audio module

Optional Side Handle

Optional Zarn

Replacement 1/4-20 Screw 

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Reviewed by cylent
09/09/2019 - 11:56:27 PM
X-T3 Cage
Got to fully try out this cage and have some good things to say about it


1. WEIGHT OMG this thing is stupid light. It doesn't even feel like you have it on. Big perk. Most people I come in contact that say "Cages are annoying" might change their mind with this.

2. Hand Strap is great coupled with the Wood Grip. Great handheld stability if you don't want to out grow into the shoulder mount and Polaris accessories.

3. Metal Hand Grip by handstrap. The XT3 has a small grip so this is a great little add on to give the camera more heft.

4. Cold Shoe. Great add on and glad it doesn't effect other mounting points on the cheese plate design.

5. If you decide to upgrade there's tons of accessories and very useful ones at that. The top grip and side grip, thank you for putting NATOS on this Camera Cage!


1. When I try to switch from Movie Mode to the Photo Mode it's hard to turn the dial. This a tad annoying considering most run n gunners are asked to do photos, and when this gets in the way it can slow me down.

2. Nato Left Side and HDMI Door. Now after fiddling around and realizing some things about the XT3 itself, this is avoidable. You can detach the door for the XT3 by pushing up on the door rendering this a non issue. However, the issue now is you have to keep track of this piece when you take it off. Personally I don't like to remove parts from Cameras to make things work but for all the Pros I can look past it.

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