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  • FS7 Rod Lock
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FS7 Rod Lock
Product ID : Z-FS7RL
Price: $95.00
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This item has been modified to work with the Sony FX9 and is now replaced with a new product- Sony FS7 & FX9 Top Plate. 

The FS7 Rod Lock includes a plate to attach to the top of the Sony FS7 and Sony FS7 II which fits around the Sony top handle and a 15mm side facing rod lock. This rod lock allows you to attach any 15mm rod accessory, such as the Axis Mini or a Zacuto Zamerican Arm. You also have the option to add a Zacuto Minimount to allow for 15mm lightweight rods out the top of the camera for attaching zoom motors or other accessories. If you want to add the Minimount, please contact for the correct screws to attach it to the plate of the FS7 Rod Lock.

Please note: the FS7 Rod Lock is specifically designed for the Sony FS7 and will not work on any other camera.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by eddyproulx
12/07/2017 - 11:44:42 AM
Essential accessory of very good quality and functional.
Reviewed by jab670
jab670 bought "FS7 Rod Lock" on our website
04/19/2017 - 06:51:55 PM
Very Useful!
If you're going to stick with the stock Fs7 handle, then this is a must. I swapped out the handle and I still use this to mount the Gratical or stock monitor where I need it and then use the save the rod clamp on the handle for the microphone mount. Let's you have a very uncluttered and ergonomic rig. Wish the rod lock could detach a bit easier or was a bit shorter for my purposes since it's just ever so slightly in the way when I pack up, but I've never taken it off, so that should speak volumes.
Reviewed by mtx1117
mtx1117 bought "FS7 Rod Lock" on our website
02/03/2016 - 08:25:34 AM
Excellent Addition to Recoil
Purchased this after just receiving my recoil. I love how it brings the evf closer to the body, now it doesn't feel like the EVF is hanging in space, a much more solid part of the camera now. Plus as an added bonus I can use the original sony rod for evf and this for a follow focus.
Reviewed by jhoffman123
01/15/2016 - 10:37:41 PM
First Impressions
What can I say but another quality product from Zacuto. My current setup is the Gratical X and the Axis mini. The EFV setup that comes with the FS7 has always been a concern of mine whether it would loosen or break overtime. Fortunately with the FS7 Rod Lock it creates a new location where you can safely secure your EFV and not have to worry about it loosening or changing position on you while shooting. Build quality is excellent and I would also recommend the mini mount that attaches to the Rod Lock which is also offered by Zacuto.

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