FS7 II Zgrip Trigger

FS7 II Zgrip Trigger
Product ID : Z-ZG-72T
Price: $275.00
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The FS7 II Zgrip Trigger is the most adjustable handgrip specifically for the FS7 II. It allows for single-handed 360° rotation with the simple press of a trigger. Flip it down for a low, rock-solid handgrip. Raise it up for more of an Aaton style position. Or quickly flip it all the way up to set your camera flat on the ground or for storing in a case.

The FS7 II Zgrip Trigger attaches to your rig or camera via an M6 Rosette - the industry standard. The VCT Pro has a built in M6 rosette to give you a rock solid connection. The FS7 II Zgrip Trigger is 11.5” long with 6” of length adjustment. The handgrip allows 360° of rotation to adjust the handgrip into the perfect position for combatting fatigue.

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Reviewed by bh.mps
11/07/2017 - 02:24:10 PM
A must have on a Sony FS7M2

The FS7 II Zgrip Trigger from Zacuto is a must have on a Sony FS7M2, it allows you to quickly and easily move the Sony handgrip up out of the way single handed so you can put the camera down on a flat surface without it falling over. The ZGrip Trigger just replaces the arm on the FS7M2 hand grip and is easy to install.

All of the components used in the construction of the baseplate are well thought out and feel very well made. I especially like the red metal spring loaded ratcheting levers used throughout the design.

Zacuto products are all metal and look great I can confirm they look just as good in person as they do in the product photos, the anodised aluminium black and red finish is smooth, shiny and made to last.

Purchasing direct from Zacuto was easy, the customer service staff friendly and helpful. International shipping to Australia was very fast and only taking a few days!

I can highly recommend the Zacuto FS7 II Zgrip Trigger for professional use.
Reviewed by michaeljherbert
michaeljherbert bought "FS7 II Zgrip Trigger" on our website
09/22/2017 - 08:29:44 AM
A Nice Addition to the VCT Pro
Along with the Z-Drive/Tornado combo, this new Zgrip Trigger is a great addition to my VCT Pro. To combat arm fatigue, I tend to change the angle of my grip extension throughout a shooting day. The Zgrip makes the process of adjusting location of the grip very simple. I especially appreciate the ability to adjust the angle of the Zgrip Trigger by using my thumb to press the rosette release. Now, I'm able to change the angle of the grip extension and the rotation of the grip itself without using adjusting any ratcheting levers.

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