EVF Recoil for RED DSMC2

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  • EVF Recoil for RED DSMC2
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EVF Recoil for RED DSMC2
Product ID : Z-RER
Price: $1,400.00
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This Recoil rig is a shoulder rig designed specifically for the RED DSMC2 body, which includes the Raven, Weapon, Epic Weapon (Epic-W), and Scarlet Weapon (Scarlet-W), Monstro, Helium and Gemini. This is a Next Generation Recoil rig designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted or on a tripod. With lenses and cameras being similar weights, the balance point is where the lens meets the camera body. In a shoulder mount rig, the balance point needs to be directly over your shoulder which puts the camera behind you. The Recoil rig adjusts for that balance point and relocates focus, monitoring and camera controls forward, creating a lighter, shorter and properly balanced rig.


VCT Pro – ( Z-VCT-P) The Pro baseplate has a sliding top plate for quickly removing the camera from the rig or fast len changes, a built-in, curved shoulder pad, a v-wedge tripod connector (with ¼” 20 and 3/8" 16 screw option). It has removable and extendable 6.5” iris rods and rows of ¼” 20 screw holes along the sides for accessories. It has quick release 15mm rod parts in the rear. The recessed rod mount offers maximum accessory capable space under your camera lens. It has the most comfortable gel padding shoulder pad for all-day shoulder mounted work! The baseplate. The rod riser included on the VCT Pro in this kit is taller to accommodate the RED cameras

Top Plate -(Z-RTP) is designed to work with the RED DSMC2 body, which includes the Monstro, Helium and Gemini. It attaches to the top of the camera via four included ¼ 20 thread screws. It has numerous ¼ 20 screw holes on the top and sides for attaching various accessories. There are built in POGO connectors for the RED monitor and remote trigger accessory connections. You can also add Z-Locks on the front of the plate for adding top 15mm rods for mounting motors, etc by emailing sales@zacuto.com. At the back of the plate is a vertical 15mm rod port for mounting a Zamerican arm or other 15mm rod accessory.

Top Handle (Z-STH) is a slim design that fits comfortably in your hand. It gives you the ability to mount several accessories with the built-in ¼ 20 screw holes, Z-Rail on top and a coldshoe mount. You can also add an optional 15mm Rod Lock for mounting an Axis Mini or articulating arm.

3” Z-Rail (Z-ZR3) - It attaches via (2) ¼” 20 screws (included) that are spaced 3/8" screw center to center at their closest to 2" 5/32" at their furthest. This is used to attach our Top Handle.

Shorty Trigger Grips (Z-SHTG) are 8” dual wooden handgrips that are comfortable and quick to flip into position. The Shorty Trigger Grips slide onto 15mm rods.  They allow for single-handed 360° rotation with the simple press of a trigger. The two handles rotate independently of each other. Flip them down for a low, rock-solid handgrip. Raise it up for more of an Aaton style


We believe in Recoil rigs, and we want you to adopt the Recoil philosophy with a Zacuto EVF! To highlight the perfect partnership between the Zacuto EVF’s and Next Generation Recoil rigs, we offer bundle savings. Add a Gratical HD, Eye, or Kameleon & Axis Mini to complete your rig above & save $350.


The rod riser included on the VCT Pro in this kit is taller to accommodate the RED cameras

This rig requires the addition of a monitor or Zacuto EVF.

Zacuto products are proudly made in the USA and non-electronic products have a lifetime warranty.

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Reviewed by lukerosen
12/23/2018 - 01:20:42 PM
Portable and Highly Efficient
Had the pleasure of working with the zacuto indie recoil rig for a 9 day feature film shoot. We had already shot half the film months ago but realized then that we needed a lightweight, portable rig that we could handhold the camera and go from shoulder to tripod quickly. Enter the RED EVF RECOIL.

Every piece in this rig is highly functional. The top handle serves as the bridge point between your viewfinder and keeping your entire rig balanced. With a twist of a knob, you can bring your camera back or forth on your baseplate to allow for maximum balance, while you can extend or detract your viewfinder to fit comfortably and naturally by your eye.

The shorty grips twist up when you need to set the camera down on a flat surface, and they provide reliable control when locking them into place.

If you are an indie production the recoil rig is the rig for you, allowing one-person camera operation if need be. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by lawngnome633
12/18/2018 - 10:48:35 AM
Small Form Factor
I had the great fortune to shoot with the new RED Recoil rig and the RED Helium over a ten day shoot this past week.

My favorite part of this rig is the form factor. With the baseplate and the handles the whole rig is very, very small and turns most RED DSMC 2 cameras into a highly mobile ENG-feeling setup. The included top plate has pins that feeds the monitor signal through and the shoulder pad stayed comfortable through hours and hours of filming.

A small criticism: I miss the ability to have a pivot point for the wrists on the handles, but otherwise this will absolutely be my go-to rig for the RED Helium for the foreseeable future.
Reviewed by jcori2692
11/18/2018 - 10:14:07 AM
They thought of everything!!
Zacuto is standing true to their recoil system. Even with a camera body that is tricky like the Red DSMC 2 camera bodies. This whole system collapses in seconds and fit in a camera bag or on a flat surface. The top plate is light in design, gimbal friendly, and supports the strange size of the CP2s and Canon CN-E primes. The z rail on the front of the top plate is the best design yet. It lets you place the EVF out and above the lens where it wants to live.

The whole system's adjustability allows you to place the handle and the sliding baseplate where you need to so you can counter balance the camera on your shoulder or tripod.

Save the headache of buying multiple pieces from multiple different manufactures and get your Red to work as well as it does with the Red EVF Recoil system. It's a good value. Can't wait to see what Zacuto does next.

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