ENG Grip Relocator for C100-C300-C500

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  • ENG Grip Relocator for C100-C300-C500
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ENG Grip Relocator for C100-C300-C500
Product ID : Z-EGRC
Price: $320.00
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The ENG Grip Relocator combines our Grip Relocator for the Canon C100-300-500* with a 15mm lightweight spaced rod mount designed to put the grip directly to the side of the rods – similar to a traditional ENG style camera.

To mount this combination to your rig, simply slide the mount onto a set of 15mm rails running underneath your camera and tighten with the red lever. The Canon C100/300* removable grip attaches directly to our Relocator handle and our exclusive right angle cable connects to the port on your camera. Once its plugged in, users have trigger or on/off control, lens aperture control, and a programmable function button that can be set to a number of things including waveform, 1 to 1 zoom, zebras, my menu, and many more. The cable is 24" long.

* The Grip Relocator can be used with the C500. However, the C500 camera does not come with the Canon Grip. You must purchase that separately from Canon.

The electronic components of this item have a limited 1 year warranty.

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Reviewed by jaypremack
02/19/2016 - 09:25:45 AM
Simple and Ergonomic
I tried this one and the Wooden Camera grip relocator on the VCT Universal and as far as ergonomics go this was the best choice for me. It has a slim profile that keeps your Canon grip closer to the mounting rails and in turn allows you to keep your arms and elbows closer to your chest for more stable on-the-shoulder work. If your rig is properly balanced you can shoot comfortably for hours.
Reviewed by kate
01/29/2016 - 03:51:04 PM
ENG Grip Relocator
Recently we rented the C100 set-up on a Movi Stabilizer and really enjoyed the grip relocated as a secondary grip. This device allowed us to control all aspects of the menu on the C100 without slowing down production! Works perfectly with a 15MM rod system and the Zucto zud!
Reviewed by elchef
11/06/2015 - 03:03:21 PM
C100 with steroids
This set up looks so nice, feels great that all of my friends are getting one soon. So easy with the shoulder pad to manipulate my settings without the hassle of putting the camera down and miss any opportunity for filming. This does not only looks, feel, works good but it is so elegant and makes my c100 look like a hundred thousand camera
Reviewed by mojo3467
10/17/2015 - 12:46:15 PM
Canon ENG Grip Locator
I was searching for a way to use my Canon C1001 on my Movi M5. I saw a video from the delivery men that showed them using the C100 I on the Movi M5. So I drove to Zacuto and had the rental department at Zacuto help me mount the ENG Grip Relocator to my Movi M5. You will also need a Zacuto 1/4 20 zudd to properly mount the grip locator to the handle grip as well as a cinema oxide mount to complete the process not sold by Zacuto. You can also look Joe Simons Blog (The Delivery Men) for more details at:http://the-delivery-men.com/freefly-movi/

I love being able to fully control the C100 from the handle grip without jerking the rig while filming.

The rental department at Zacuto can help you if you have any questions. They were so easy to work with new exactly what I needed to accomplish my goals. I was flying my C100 with full control that day.

Reviewed by bbren43
08/11/2015 - 05:04:13 PM
Grip for Gimbal
This is really well made! A bit pricey but I consider this a MUST HAVE for a 3-axis gimbal. I installed this on a Ronin-m with a C100 Mark II. So far no complaints!! :)

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