C300 Mark II EVF Recoil

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  • C300 Mark II EVF Recoil
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C300 Mark II EVF Recoil
Product ID : Z-C3002ER-V2
Price: $1,500.00
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The Canon C300 Mark II EVF Recoil is a balanced, shoulder mounted rig that includes our VCT Pro baseplate and Grip Relocator to position camera control at a convenient handgrip.

This is a Next Generation Recoil rig designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted or on a tripod. With lenses and cameras being similar weights, the balance point is where the lens meets the camera body. In a Recoil rig, the balance point needs to be directly over your shoulder which puts the camera behind you. This requires focus, monitoring and camera controls to be relocated forward, creating a lighter and shorter rig.

VCT Pro – this baseplate has a sliding top plate for quickly removing the camera from the rig or fast len changes, a built-in, curved shoulder pad, a v-wedge tripod connector (with ¼” 20 and 3/8" 16 screw option). It has removable and extendable 6.5” iris rods and rows of ¼” 20 screw holes along the sides for accessories. It has quick release 15mm rod parts in the rear. The recessed rod mount offers maximum accessory capable space under your camera lens.
grip Relocator for C100/300/500 – this articulating handgrip with rod cap incorporates our Grip Relocator for your Canon C100/300 removable grip. It provides full articulation via lever and our exclusive right-angle cable connects to the port on your camera. Trigger on/off control, lens aperture control, waveform, 1:1 zoom, zebras and more.
C300 Mark II Helmet Kit – mounts directly to the top of the C300 Mark II in place of the Canon top handle. Offers multiple ¼” 20 and ⅜” 16 mounting screw holes to attach a variety of accessories as well as a spot to mount the C300 Mark II microphone. Includes the rock solid Recoil Handle top grip that accepts two coldshoe accessories and has a quick release 15mm rod port. Our handle allows you to quickly take the handle off for travelling.

PLEASE NOTE: This rig requires the addition of a monitor or Zacuto EVF.

Recommended Accessories
VCT Pro Dock
VCT Tripod Plate
Gratical HD
Gratical Eye
Axis Mini Zamerican Articulating Arm
Z-Drive follow focus with Tornado
Gripper 75

Zacuto products are proudly made in the USA and non-electronic products have a lifetime warranty.

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Reviewed by ozzydave
09/22/2017 - 05:29:36 PM
The missing pieces
The c300 mark ii is an amazing camera. Its portability makes it so easy to travel with.
One of the downsides is that if you spend a whole day carrying it as designed you end up sore.
What I love about this kit is being able to balance it on my shoulder no matter what size rig I have for the shoot. I can go a whole day quite comfortably.
I have very broad shoulders and you're able to adjust every facet of this rig to make sure it's right for you.
I got mine with a Gratical HD and I will never regret it.

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