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Axis Mini
Product ID : Z-M-AEM
Price: $350.00
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lThe Axis Mini is the most adjustable ENG style mount for rosette mounted EVFs, giving you full 360º motion with four adjustment points. Designed to attach to the top of your camera set up, it leaves plenty of room at the lens for focusing and will work with the widest of lenses. It can easily be adjusted with one hand while the rig is on your shoulder. The Axis Mini has extensive articulation for use with a variety of cameras, both shoulder mounted in a Next Generation Recoil or in tripod operating position. It is very small and quick to install and remove.

The Axis Mini attaches to your rig via a required 15mm rod port at the top of a kit positioned perpendicular to your camera lens, see recommended accessories. Slide the Axis Mini into the 15mm rod port and clamp into place. The Axis Mini attaches to the EVF via a secure 1/4" 20 rosette mount. EVF's with a 1/4" 20 screw mount require the Quad Rail for use with the Axis Mini.

The Axis Mini has three red tension levers that are controlled independently with 360 degree motion. Release all three levers to completely reposition the mount or release just one to make single segment adjustments. You can dial in the exact amount of tension needed at each lever to adjust on the fly. Just grab and move.

If you are left eye shooter an additional extension is required

A modified axis is required if you are using the Sony F5/F55 viewfinder. Contact

Recommended Accessories:
Tactical Handle
Z-Rail Z-Lock
Z-Rail Rod Lock
Z-Rail Rod Lock 90
Axis Mini Extension- required for left eye shooters

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Prestigeaerials
07/16/2019 - 11:25:27 AM
Sturdy !
The axis is highly adjustable, smooth and solid. I’m not left with my evf flopping around or falling off a nova arm. My only gripe was mine started leaking grease after a day of use and got all over a couple shirts of mine :/ (was definitely over greased from the factory) make sure you check this before use and remove excess grease if Needed.
Reviewed by
03/05/2019 - 10:22:03 AM
Just Right
It's just right and operates how you think it should. Feels well made. You don't have to think about it while operating.
Reviewed by RobLevi
12/27/2017 - 06:20:07 PM
Axis: A Bold Must Have Tool
The Axis Mini is the key engineering component to ensure the proper use of the Gratical HD Micro Oled electronic viewfinder. I tried using my Gratical HD before receiving the Axis Mini, and it didn’t work for me; the beauty of the Axis Mini is how you can lock in the exact position that works for you and rarely worry about making adjustments between locations or setups. My first Axis Mini had issues tightening down properly; apparently I received a model from an earlier production run that was promptly replaced by the fine folks at Zacuto. Now I’m on cloud 9, rarely worrying about making subtle micro adjustments on the fly for the best viewing experience possible.
Reviewed by 4wtmedia
4wtmedia bought "Axis Mini" on our website
12/11/2017 - 03:36:13 PM
Great for C300 Mk ii
We have an older Zacuto EVF and the Axis Mini allow us to use that in conjunction with the C300 Mk ii Helmet Kit. It was a great way to keep our older gear relevant and future proof if we want to upgrade the EVF. We couldn't be happier with how solid the entire Zacuto system is with the C300 Mk ii and elevates the camera system in a major way.
Reviewed by eddyproulx
12/07/2017 - 11:42:50 AM
Essential accessory of very good quality and functional.
Reviewed by
10/04/2017 - 01:47:31 PM
Solid, Smooth, Strong, pefect size
Love this thing. It is a perfect size. It has just the right amount of length for me to position the EVF to my liking and moves in all the right directions.

The most important part is that it's super solid, can stay tight. Everything else out there is a nightmare to work with. This is really the only solution. Magic arms etc are nothing compare to this, reallty. Plus the other important element is that you can have a smooth motion to follow your eye so it doesnt hurt during some moves and you can reposition on the fly and still be strong and in position. Ingenious.
Reviewed by michaelrizzo
06/22/2017 - 08:14:19 PM
Boring and Predictable
The Axis Mini is an essential accessory for any Gratical because it is boring, and predictable. Compare that to a Magic Arm, flailing around every time you try and adjust it. Or a standard ARRI rosette dogbone attached to a rod holder, coming loose and spinning down and hitting you in the back of the head as you carry your camera on your tripod. Or any number of other jury rigged solutions you might try to keep your very expensive and very fancy EVF in front of your eyes where you need it.

The Axis Mini does what it's supposed to. It does it smoothly, predictably, consistently, and gives you as an operator confidence in how your camera will work and how you'll look operating it. You're paying for the build quality and the reliability that comes from Zacuto products, which are consistently fantastic.
Reviewed by banwhat
banwhat bought "Axis Mini" on our website
02/18/2017 - 05:47:17 PM
Best evf operator
the zacuto axis is very light & smooth when it work with my gratical eye evf,easy to adjust position,built quality is great,red & black colour is looking good,highly recommend!!
Reviewed by DavidSpaans
06/22/2016 - 03:51:13 PM
it shouts quality
First a had a magic arm for my gratical X,but i was really getting crazy,it moved just a little bit every time i picked up the cam ,then i bought this one,i bit expensive,but it,s worth every penny!!
it,s really rock solid ,and you can make ,really fast some fine tunings
Reviewed by PhilippeChery
PhilippeChery bought "Axis Mini" on our website
03/29/2016 - 02:29:58 PM
Great Product, Very Smooth!
The Zacuto Axis is very sturdy and very smooth when it comes to using the adjustment knobs to adjust its position. Its built like a rock and like all zacuto products its built to last. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an EVF mount. Great Product!
Reviewed by abc123kazu
03/15/2016 - 11:56:57 AM
Best option
it was definitely on the expensive side and I looked into other options but at the end of the day it was by far the best.
Im glad i purchased it. It's smooth and easy to use.
It's a must have for the Gratical!
Reviewed by Jasongareth
01/23/2016 - 04:13:03 PM
Rigging 2 Axis Mini's FS7 operator
Solid build and usual high quality expected from Zacuto. I find for run and gun ENG work that i have advantage by rigging 2 Axis Mini's to my FS7 Zacuto rig!! My first Axis Mini purchased from B&H is rigged by the Z-mount Zwivel2 to the FS7 and holds my Gratical. The 2nd Axis Mini for FS7 purchased online from Zacuto is rigged with another Zwivel2 but on the back end rod of the first Axis Mini and above it facing upward at about 30 deg at minimum extension above the Gratical with the Sony monitor facing downward at 45 deg which positions it just above the Gratical's diopter for me. Its a tight fit and takes a bit of adjusting on the extension arms to get the lock nuts to just miss each other! Im sure a lot of you operate on your own and this set allows you to pull your eye away from the eyecup and glance up(not awkwardly) and gain menu control or frame up with a level(straight)Sony monitor with minimal movement. Firm and fluid adjustability gives me the edge to rig at the perfect angle on the run. thanks Zacuto. Recomended.
Reviewed by jhoffman123
jhoffman123 bought "Axis Mini" on our website
12/15/2015 - 04:38:18 PM
First Impressions
At first I thought that I could get away with an articulating arm or something cheaper but they couldnâ
07/08/2015 - 08:36:55 AM
Well Made
A must have for my Gratical EVF. Product is solid and has adjustments for extending the arm. True Zacuto quality

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