1/4 20" Lens Support

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  • 1/4 20" Lens Support
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1/4 20" Lens Support
Product ID : Z-1/4-LS
Price: $237.00
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This lens support screws directly into the ¼ 20 screw hole that can be found under many different lenses and attaches in an upside-down T shape to rods running under your camera to create a solid support. It includes our Q-Mount which can ‘snap’ onto rods with the clamps facing up or down and tightens with a quick release ratcheting lever on either side of the mount. It can be installed anywhere on a 15mm lightweight spaced rod system without you needing to remove any other accessories. In the central quick release port in the middle of the Q-Mount there is a female/female 15mm rod with a screw adapter on the end. This is the screw that attaches to your lens.

We offer the central rod in 1” or 2” depending on how much clearance you need under your lens. Please select.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by dpearl35@gmail.com
01/19/2020 - 12:19:50 PM
Great product
I've used a bunch of other lens supports. I prefer the Zacuto version because it is bombproof. I had an issue with one and they sent me a free replacement no questions asked. The Zacuto warranty can't be beat! You get what you pay for, so if you have to spend a little extra, then do it!
Reviewed by bh.mps
11/07/2017 - 02:26:13 PM
Solidly built, and is capable attaching to a wide range of lenses
The Lens Support from Zacuto is solidly built, and is capable attaching to a wide range of lenses via the included screw thread adaptor.

I purchased mine to use with the VCT Pro Baseplate so I could attach and safely support a heavy 200-500mm Telephoto Zoom to my Sony FS7M2.

All of the components used in the construction of the lens adaptor are well thought out and feel very well made. I especially like the red metal spring loaded ratcheting levers used throughout the design.

Zacuto products are all metal and look great I can confirm they look just as good in person as they do in the product photos, the anodised aluminium black and red finish is smooth, shiny and made to last.

Purchasing direct from Zacuto was easy, the customer service staff friendly and helpful. International shipping to Australia was very fast and only taking a few days!

I can highly recommend the Zacuto Lens Support for professional use.
Reviewed by professor.z
03/13/2015 - 01:57:34 PM
expands flexibility of my rigs
So I just got a half cage for my Scorpion Rig. I can add two rods to this 1/4 20" Lens Support, then pop on my new half cage and now I have a really small, light, cage for hand held shots when I'm walking around New York City or the woods near my house. It's nicely engineered so all the additional parts play nicely with each other. The ratcheting levers make a tight squeeze putting on a camera really easy. The actual lens support moves up and down nicely and secures my lenses brilliantly. If I am out in the field with a long, heavy Nikkor lens I am confident that the connection to the camera is not being strained. For a few dollars more you can have a rig worth a fistful of dollars.

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