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Product ID : Z-DRV
Price: $550.00
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The Zacuto Z-Drive is a unique, universal direct drive follow focus, designed with single operator shoulder mounted rigs in mind. Because it has a universal joint and no internal gears it can’t develop play. It attaches to a single 15mm diameter rod and curves away from the operator at a 60 degree angle creating space and distance from the lens for comfortable use when the camera is on your shoulder. This is the perfect follow focus for a Recoil kit set up (where the camera is directly over your shoulder) as it brings focus control further forward as well as down for comfortable operation. The Z-Drive can operate in four modes and is extremely adjustable for all size lenses. It can operate on the camera assistant or operators side of the rig positioned forward toward the lens or backward towards the tripod/dolly etc.. This makes for easy operation with a standard follow focus whip used on a tripod.

The Z-Drive slides onto a single 15mm diameter rod (on the left or right of your camera) and tightens in place next to your lens with a Zacuto quick-release ratcheting red lever. It comes with a fixed 1 ¾” diameter .8 pitch gear to connect to your lens. If your lenses are not pitched to .8 or are not pitched at all (most DSLR and basic video camera lenses are not) you can add our Zipgear Universal to your lens so the teeth match our gear correctly for smooth rotation. The ZipGears can be cut to fit the circumference of your lens and tightened with an Allen key. These ZipGear straps are pitched to .8 and are 13.5” long.

The Z-Drive has a slender marking disc to create distance marks for repeatable focus pulls and a standard whip port. We recommend using the Z-Drive with our Tornado grip when working handheld. The Tornado attaches to the Z-Drive whip port and works in tandem with the Z-Drive to create a unique mechanical follow focus handgrip perfect for single operator shoulder mounted work.

PLEASE NOTE: The Z-Drive is not compatible with matteboxes when working shoulder mounted.

Looking for a full handle kit? We offer the Z-Drive and Tornado together with a single handgrip in our Recoil Handgrip Kit.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by professor.z
12/24/2014 - 05:11:39 PM
Great! Great! and great!
I use this with my Scorpion in conjunction with my Tornado grip. It has totally opened up doors for me as a one man DSLR shooter. It really puts the Independent in Independent Film Making. I can now follow focus easily without taking my hand away from the hand grip. It is beautifully engineered. It is hardy and works smoothly. I love it. Be aware that you can't use it with a matte box as it sits too close to your camera on a rig. Also, in my experience, with a regular DSLR lens the Z-drive and Tornado grip stick out at an almost horizontal angle. I remedied this with a big follow focus gear rather than the Zacuto zip gear and it reduces the angle of support considerably. And Zacuto sales and support are super nice and super helpful. They are a model of what customer service should be like in this country. This is super brilliant thinking Zacuto guys!
Reviewed by T.L.Wilson@icloud.com
06/06/2014 - 10:46:47 AM
Versatile little guy
Normally, when I preach Zacuto to the rest of my team I say that you get what you pay for. There are cheaper options out there but Zacuto lasts forever. Not so with this. I haven't seen anything else out there even remotely like it. There arenâ
Reviewed by Realprod
02/17/2015 - 12:35:05 PM
Great Addition
This has been a great addition to my rig. It allows me to really control my focus when I'm on the move. Well, built, ergonomic, and precise. Allows for long focus pulls and fine adjustment. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by NiceLady
02/10/2015 - 02:44:02 AM
Smart Design, Easy to Use
For a single operator, this is the most comfortable follow focus on the market. Adding the tornado handle to this makes using any camera to shoot video, so simple to focus. My only suggestions would to somehow have this design start out further from the rods to accommodate a matte box, and I've love if it had hard stops.

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