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Gratical HD
The Gratical HD Micro OLED electronic viewfinder
Docu Recoil
The Docu Recoil rig is universal for all cameras including mirrorless and DSLRs.
Indie Recoil
The Indie Recoil rig is universal for all DSLR cameras and any other flat bottom videocamera. Includes our Halfcage Rail and Recoil Handle.
Cine EVF Recoil
The Cine EVF Recoil rig is compatible with the RED One, Epic, Epic Dragon, Scarlet, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, AJA Cion, and ARRI ALEXA.
C100 Z-Finder Recoil
The Canon C100 Z-Finder Recoil rig is designed primarily for use on a tripod, slide or dolly.
C300 Z-Finder Recoil
Comfortable, accessible shoulder-mounted C300 Z-Finder Recoil is perfect for all-day shoots with the Canon C300/500.
C100 EVF Recoil
This is a Next Generation Recoil rig, designed for optimal balance and comfort when filming shoulder mounted.
C300 EVF Recoil
The C300 EVF Recoil is a balanced, shoulder mounted rig including the VCT Universal Baseplate and Grip Relocator.
Sony EVF Recoil
The Sony EVF Recoil shoulder-mounted rig is compatible with the Sony F5 and F55.
Sony FS7 Recoil
Next Generation Recoil rig for the Sony FS7.