February Specials! Bundle and Save! VCT Pro FS7 Recoil

Shoulder Mounting

QR Shoulder Pad
The QR Shoulder Pad is a completely universal curved, padded shoulder pad system.
QR Dovetail
Use this extra QR Dovetail plate to move your QR Shoulder Pad quickly back and forth between cameras.
QR Shoulder Pad Rod Clamp
Use this Rod Clamp to attach the Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad to a pair of 15mm lightweight spaced rails.
Tripod Adapter Plate
With the Tripod Adapter Plate, you can keep your Zacuto QR Shoulder Pad with Dovetail under your baseplate and quickly move back and forth to your tripod,...
TAP Slide
Add the TAP Slide to have additional back and forth adjustment between the TAP Slide and the Zacuto Tripod Adapter Plate.
Cheese Box
The Zacuto Cheese box is an adjustable counterbalance weight with multiple functions. Includes a large number of screw mounting holes for various accessories.
Zwiss Plate V2
The Zacuto Zwiss Plate V2 has multiple mounting options and specific hole patterns for battery plates.
Horizontal Zwiss Plate V2
This cheeseplate can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a set of 15mm lightweight spaced rods. Add batteries, wireless plates, articulating arms and...
Wireless Plate Pro
The Zacuto Wireless Plate Pro allows you to mount any size wireless, down-converter, video transmitter regardless of size, make, model or manufacturer with...