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Product ID : Z-DSP
Price: $2,565.00
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The Scorpion rig is the ultimate solution to DSLR shoulder mounted shooting with an EVF. At the center of the Scorpion is our highly adjustable DSLR Baseplate, which allows you to mount any DSLR to the rig and mount your rig onto a tripod. The baseplate attaches to your tripod using the standard tripod plate screws; (2) 1/4” 20 and (1) 3/8” 16. You can also easily quick release your camera from the rig by turning the red knob on the side of the baseplate and pulling up on your camera. This unique feature allows you to quickly switch between using the camera on its own or as part of your rig.

Our curved, form-fitting Akton Polymer shoulder pad connects to the back of the baseplate via two 1” M/F rods. The rods screw into the back of the DSLR baseplate and connect to the front of the shoulder pad via 15mm quick release ports, making the switch from shoulder mount to tripod use quick and easy. The Scorpion Shoulder Assembly also features an innovative ball joint built into the front of the shoulder pad. This allows the entire shoulder pad assembly to articulate in multiple directions so shooters can angle it to fit their body for individual comfort. This should be done with one hand while the kit is on your shoulder. The ball joint is released and secured by the red top lever. The Scorpion can be used on your left or right shoulder. The Scorpion shoulder assembly also has a built in top handle for placing and removing it from your shoulder, low mode shooting and easy carrying. The handle can be positioned up or set down into the shoulder pad for storage with the turn of a Zacuto quick release lever.

The Scorpion kit is finished off with a 7lb Z-lite counterbalance and Zgrips V3 with 4.5” rods. With the shoulder pad and counterbalance weight coming directly off of the back of the baseplate, the rig is perfectly in-line with the camera and ready to be used with one of our EVFs or an on-board monitor for traditional ENG style shooting. You can mount your EVF or monitor to the side of the rig using the included EVF mount.

Scorpion Includes:
DSLR Baseplate with (2) sets of 3.5" M/F Rods
Scorpion Shoulder Assembly
Zgrips V3 with 4.5" Rods
Z-Lite Double
EVF Scorpion Mount

This kit is compatible with any 15mm lightweight accessories. If you’re interested in adding a Zacuto follow focus to this kit, you can check out our Z-focus with Zipgear Kit.

If you do not have a Zacuto EVF, you can check them out here.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by professor.z
12/24/2014 - 04:47:15 PM
Love my Scorpion!
I am a DSLR shooter that does lots of run and gun style shooting. I can pile loads of stuff on the Scorpion like lights, sound equipment, and an external monitor and still be mobile and flexible. It is built like a tank so I know it can handle any situation. It is easy to take apart and put on a tripod and then go back and re-attach the shoulder pad for hand held shots. It also looks freakin' cool and I get lots of questions and comments about it when I use it. A great great piece of equipment. All my film making friends love it. It does get heavy with two weights on the end when you are running across a field but you kind of need that weight to balance your rig. Also Zacuto sales and service support is great and they are always super helpful with questions and replacement parts.