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Product ID : Z-PNCH
Price: $130.00
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The Pincher is a universal HDMI cable restraint for DSLR's. It is the perfect solution for keeping your HDMI cable in place. It includes the pincher device and a mounting bar that will allow you to use it out of the box on the Zacuto Gorilla Plate V2 or Mini DSLR Baseplate. The mounting bar attaches to the Gorilla Plate V2 or Mini DSLR Baseplate by using the two Allen screws that also attach the red thumb screw slider block to the baseplates. (If you are familiar with mounting the Z-Finder Frame on the Gorilla Plate V2 or Mini DSLR Baseplate, the mounting bar is attached the same way).

The Pincher cannot be used simultaneously with a metal Z-finder Mounting Frame. For users who want the option of both set ups, we recommend our Adhesive Frames. For 3in LCDs. For 3.2in LCDs.

The Pincher has horizontal adjustment and vertical adjustment so you can line the Pincher up to work on multiple DSLR cameras. To adjust horizontally or vertically, loosen the red thumb screws positioned at the bottom and/or side of the Pincher and slide; once positioned, tighten the red thumb screws.

The Pincher has many configurations to work with multiple cameras. It has been tested on the following cameras: Canon T2i T3i and T4i, 60D, 5D M2 and M3, 7D, 1D and 1DX, Lumix GH2, Nikon D3100, D7000, D800, D4, and D3s. It also works when using battery grips with the Canon 5D, 7D and T2i. The Pincher will need to be configured differently depending on your camera.

We recommend the Pincher to be used with the Zacuto standard Z-HDMI cable .

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by HDTVCAMERA
12/02/2013 - 04:13:54 PM
Necessary Kit
I purchased from B&H after I bought my Scorpion rig. I'd noticed that when running and gunning the cables could get tweeked when adjusting the eyepiece. Sometimes the HDMI connection would get knocked lose mid shot. It's a shot saver as well as an equipment saver. Without this device your port can develop intermittent signal loss leading to total failure. I know someone who had to replace their HDMI input in a 5D at a cost of over $1000.
It's cheap insurance and a no brainer purchase.
Reviewed by michaeljherbert
michaeljherbert bought "Pincher" on our website
06/04/2015 - 08:05:37 PM
Great Investment
This small (in size) addition to your DSLR rig will save you time and money when it comes to preserving your HDMI port. I purchased this Pincher only after I had to bring my camera in for repairs to the HDMI port. I wish I had made the investment earlier.
Reviewed by professor.z
03/13/2015 - 01:14:10 PM
you gotta have this or else
I can't tell you the difference between shooting with and without the pincher.
How many times have you felt your connection loosen or wiggle out of the HDMI on port on a hand held shoot? Have you ever lost your signal on your monitor only to have lost a crucial moment or whole shot? This is the best insurance policy against that kind of stupid disaster. Thousands of dollars of equipment and priceless time can be rendered useless by a small mistake. You gotta have a pincher. It's an essential part of your kit. Get one. Now. _ professor.z

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