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Half Cage

Product ID : Z-HC
Price: $390.00
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The Zacuto Half Cage creates a solid, adjustable, universal cage structure around the side and top of your camera rig. This will be the last cage you need to buy! It is adjustable to work with all cameras, sizes and shapes. It creates great stability, especially when shooting with DSLR’s, giving your camera a sturdy side grip and the ability to add a top grip. The Half Cage is rod mounted so it works independently of your actual baseplate allowing you to adjust its position. It can be positioned and locked via an Allen onto 15mm lightweight rods. The Half Cage features a special magnetic indentation along the side for storing the included Allen key.

The side handle and most of the cheese plate holes are set to work on the right hand side of the camera but can be reversed if a left hand cage grip is desired for 2 handed operation. The Half Cage can mount just in front of your baseplate over the lens or behind your camera on rear rods depending on the balance point of your rig and where you want to add accessories.

At its most compact height, the Half Cage has a clearance of 5.5”. Expand the cage via four Allen screws in the handle side and the maximum clearance grows to 9”. This range will accommodate most any camera size and accessories. The handle side has two rows of ¼ 20 tapped screw holes to attach accessories such as a Zacuto Zud, for Zacuto quick release parts, or threaded accessories like a standard articulating arm or sound recorder etc.. At the top of the handle is a 15mm rod port to attach a Zacuto Zamerican articulating arm , Zud or rods . The handle itself is hand tooled, fine, three quarter maple.

The top portion of the Half Cage is double sided Z-Rail. It gives the ability to attach a top handle, EVF Axis Mount or other Zacuto Z-Rail accessories like the Slide Mount (giving you top rods), cold shoe mount or Z-Rail Z-Mount. There are also four threaded ¼ 20 screw holes for threaded accessories. The Z-rail is double sided so accessories can be mounted up top or under slung.

Zacuto Z-Rail accessories are compatible with NATO, SWAT, RED, PICATINNY, and WOODEN CAMERA type rails.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by anon
12/10/2014 - 03:40:25 PM
Zacuto Half Cage
My favorite way to use the Half Cage is actually in a hand-held configuration with another handle, upside down on the opposite side, diagonal to the wooden grip. This configuration feels very solid and mobile. It lends well to following action in a tight space. The best thing about this cage is its adjustability. You can fly a DSLR with a battery pack, a 1DC, or a prosumer camcorder, and you can always adjust the dimensions of the cage so that it's no bigger than it has to be. I used this cage with the Canon 600D which is one of Canon's smaller DSLRs and the cage wrapped around it quite nicely. I was able to position it in a way that I could access the memory card slot, and still reach all the buttons comfortably. Since DSLRs take a very menu driven approach to adjusting all the settings, having something in the way of your buttons can really slow you down. I used to have a different cage that I literally had to stick my hand inside of to adjust ISO, color temp, etc.. This was really awkward and I eventually stopped using the other cage. With the Zacuto Half Cage, I can access all the buttons without taking my hand off the grip.

The finished wooden grip is very attractive and also very comfortable. The construction is lightweight but rigid. I have built very heavy rigs around this cage, and it feels quite sturdy. The Half Cage saves a lot of time on set. Being able to convert and adapt the rig quickly means more set ups in a single day. This was definitely a useful addition to our set and I really enjoy using it.

- Jon Pandone
Reviewed by zedd
10/24/2015 - 08:31:34 AM
Stellar design!
Another great piece of gear from Zacuto. I needed to build off a Mini DSLR Baseplate to add a top handle as well as mic, audio recorder and, as needed, a Atomos video recorder...

The Zacuto Half Cage was an elegant solution. It's light, compact yet expandable; it accommodates all my accessories, and it looks great.
Reviewed by zedd
10/24/2015 - 08:31:34 AM
Stellar design!
Another great piece of gear from Zacuto. I needed to build off a Mini DSLR Baseplate to add a top handle as well as mic, audio recorder and, as needed, a Atomos video recorder...

The Zacuto Half Cage was an elegant solution. It's light, compact yet expandable; it accommodates all my accessories, and it looks great.
Reviewed by mliu1983
06/30/2015 - 08:02:32 PM
Great Cage and versatile
The half cage is a must have if you own other zacuto accessories. Everything from monitors, evfs or top handles are built off the cage.

My only thing is that when you tear it down, the design doesn't really fit any standard slots in a gear bag.
Reviewed by tyronseeto@gmail.com
05/20/2016 - 11:39:32 PM
Great half cage
A very high quality half cage. It's very intelligently designed, adjusting up and down to fit all my cameras and the magnetic allen key is especially handy. The mounting options are really intuitive with rails, a rod mount and 1/4 20 mounting points along the side and top. The grip feels solid and the wood gives it a nice aesthetic.
Reviewed by professor.z
03/13/2015 - 01:05:11 PM
strong, fast, and flexible
I can easily use this with many different configurations of gear. I can adjust the height for my GH4 or Nikon D800 quickly. There is room my motorized follow focus gear on top, I have LED my light on a magic arm on the side with screws very securely, and can change that configuration within minutes. As a production designer/film maker I appreciate the strong build and handsome lines. It is really light and really strong, and I can reach all the buttons on my camera comfortably. My hands are on the small size so I took the back side of the maple grip off and it fits better but is still quite comfortable to hold.
I shoot in many unconventional locations like the woods or abandoned buildings
and the half cage will get me through any situation with confidence that I'll get my shot quickly and confidently. I remain a Zacuto fan! _professor.z
Reviewed by PhilippeChery
02/09/2016 - 06:56:30 PM
Amazing Product
Probably the last Half Cage you'll need, It's height adjustable and very rugged. I wanted the piece to add to my mini DSLR baseplate and I must say, the build quality is very impressive. I would recommend it to any DSLR shooter
Reviewed by Brice.habeger
01/22/2015 - 02:59:00 AM
Solid Solution
Production takes me to the remotest parts of Alaska and I can't take much gear. The night before hopping on a plane to a village, with a name like Kokhanok, I find myself up late fretting over how I want to rig my camera and not overloading my bags. For these trips, my current camera of choice is the Canon C100, and even though over-all it is a well designed camera for the indie-doc style filmmaker it has a major flaw: the top handle is held on by a single 1/4-20" screw. If you start adding weight to this handle, such as audio receivers and a Ninja 2, then you are asking for a failure at some point.

I needed a simple solution for taking weight off the C100's top handle and keep the weight and size of my kit down. What I got with Zacuto's half cage was that much and more. The half cage is elegant. It weighs nothing and is sturdy enough to take the weight of audio receivers and external monitor without any problems. You could easily add more weight to it and it wouldn't be a problem. The versatility of the cage is another big win for me. I can pair it with any camera I own and it doesn't feel like overkill.

With the half cage in my camera bag I can sleep good at night.

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