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Follow Focus

The Zacuto Z-Drive is a unique, universal direct drive follow focus, designed with single operator shoulder mounted rigs in mind.
Use the Tornado with the Zacuto Z-Drive to create a unique mechanical follow focus handgrip.
Recoil Handgrip Kit
The Recoil Handgrip Kit is comprised of a Zgrip Z-Mount Zwivel handgrip, a
ZipGear Universal (any lens)
Zacuto Universal ZipGear is a .8 pitch strap that can be connected to any lens for use with a Zacuto .8 pitch follow focus gear.
ZipGear Prime Lens Kit
Zacuto Universal ZipGear Prime Lens Kit includes four Zacuto Universal ZipGear.
Zip Gear Replacement
A 13.5" strand of zip gear with no metal housing unit.