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EVF Products

Gratical Eye
The Gratical Eye is the lightest and smallest Micro OLED SDI EVF making it an ideal solution for filmmakers using professional cameras and external batteries.
Gratical HD
The Gratical HD Micro OLED electronic viewfinder
EVF Flip
Zacuto electronic viewfinder. This monitor only model has a 3.2" screen and a snap on/flip up Z-Finder mount.
Z-Finder EVF Pro
Zacuto electronic viewfinder. This combination includes an EVF Flip and a Z-Finder Pro 2.5x loupe.
EVF Snap
Zacuto electronic viewfinder. This monitor only model has a 3.2" screen and a snap on Z-Finder mount.
Axis Mini
The Axis Mini EVF Mount is the most adjustable ENG style mount for rosette mounted EVFs, giving you full 360ยบ motion with four adjustment points.
Quad Rail
The Quad Rail is an optional extension to the Axis Mini for 1/4" 20 mounted EVFs
Axis Mini Extension
The Axis Mini Extension is used for left eye shooters.
The Axis EVF Mount is our most adjustable, universal EVF mounting option! This highly adaptable arm comes from the top of your camera via a Z-Rail accessory.
Axis Adapter
Add this adapter to the Zacuto Axis for use with Small HD or Alphatron.
EVF Standard Mount
This adjustable EVF mount slides directly into a 15mm rod port on the side of one of our baseplates.
EVF Rod Mount
The Rod Mount attaches your EVF to any Zacuto or non-Zacuto 15mm rod. Versatile and convenient.
EVF Mount Kickstand
Add this Kickstand to one of our EVF mounts for better balance when you place your kit on a flat surface.
EVF Gorilla Plate Bracket
This Gorilla Bracket mounts the Zacuto EVF to the left of a DSLR Gorilla Plate V2 or Mini DSLR Baseplate. Perfect for use with an Enforcer or Marauder kit.
The Pincher is a universal HDMI cable restraint for DSLR's. It is the perfect solution for keeping your HDMI cable in place.
LP-E6 Compatible Battery
LP-E6 compatible battery included with all EVF units.
LP-E6 Compatible Charger
LP-E6 compatible battery charger included with all EVF units.
18" Mini to Standard HDMI Cable
18" straight mini to swivel standard cable. Included with all EVF units.