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Power & Video Cable
Zacuto has created a custom power video cable combining a BNC with a 2 pin Lemo to powertap for powering the Gratical Eye Micro OLED EVF.
LP-E6 to D-Tap Cable
This Switronix cable allows you to power anything using a Canon LP-E6 battery with an external power source.
HDMI to SDI Converter
This small and compact converter takes an HDMI signal and converts it to an SDI signal.
30” SDI Video Cable- BNC to BNC
30" SDI cable
LANC Extension Cable 13.8"
This 13.8" LANC extension cable makes it easy to extend the control range of the your camcorder or use a short cable to save your LANC socket on your camcorder.
18" Right Angle D-Tap Power Cable for Blackmagic Camera
12V D-Tap Cable compatible with the Blackmagic camera. This 12 volt DC power cable is a great for powering the Blackmagic Camera.
Powertap to BlackMagic Mini Converter Cable
This cable features a regulated 12v connector jack to power the Black Magic Mini Converter with an inline female P-Tap connector for 12vdc, housed in an...
Sony EX1/EX3 12v Cable
The XP-EX-Z24 cable allows you to power both Sony EX Camcorder and a 12v accessory (i.e. monitor, on-camera light) from any powertap 12v power source.
Powertap to Zoom H4n Cable
The XP-ZOOM-5 is a Powertap to Zoom H4n connection 5V regulator cable.
Powertap Cable for Marshall LCD50 Monitor
The XP-MAR-5 cable allows users to plug into any battery via V-mount or 3-Stud Plate and power both 12v dc accessories as well as the Marshall V-LCD50-HDMI.
28" P-Tap to XLR Cable
P-Tap Male to 4-pin XLR Female. 28" Long. Compatible with the Sony F3 Camera.
DV/HDV Camcorder Cable
The cable features a regulated 7.4v battery paddle end for an HDV/DV camcorder with an inline female Ptap connector for 12vdc. Compatible with Sony FS100,...
PowerTap Multi
Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi is an Anton Bauer plug strip to make one Anton Bauer D-Tap outlet into 4 D-Tap outlets.
32" Right Angle Mini to Standard USB Cable
32" USB Cable with one standard plug and one right angle mini plug.
USB A to mini-B Camera Cable 18"
These are replacement USB A to mini-B cables, which can be used to connect any USB Controller directly to a camera. Approx 18 inches (0.5 meters) overall...
USB A to mini-B Camera Cable 36"
These are replacement USB A to mini-B cables, which can be used to connect any USB Controller directly to a camera. Approx 36 inches (1 meter) overall length.
USB A to A Extension Cable 5 meter
These are 5 meter USB A to A extension cables, which can be used to extend the wired length of any USB Controller.
18-80 Lens Support & Right Angle Cable
The 18-80 Lens Support is a foldable lightweight support that works with any height adjustable 15mm rod. The Right Angle Extension Cable allows you to extend...