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Power & Video Cable
Zacuto has created a custom power video cable combining a BNC with a 2 pin Lemo to powertap for powering the Gratical Eye Micro OLED EVF.
LP-E6 to D-Tap Cable
This Switronix cable allows you to power anything using a Canon LP-E6 battery with an external power source.
HDMI to SDI Converter
This small and compact converter takes an HDMI signal and converts it to an SDI signal.
Gratical Eye with HDMI Converter Package
This enables Gratical Eye Micro OLED EVF with an HDMI converter to be able to use the Eye with any SDI or HDMI camera.
30” SDI Video Cable- BNC to BNC
30" SDI cable
LANC Extension Cable 13.8"
This 13.8" LANC extension cable makes it easy to extend the control range of the your camcorder or use a short cable to save your LANC socket on your camcorder.
18" Right Angle D-Tap Power Cable for Blackmagic Camera
12V D-Tap Cable compatible with the Blackmagic camera. This 12 volt DC power cable is a great for powering the Blackmagic Camera.
Powertap to BlackMagic Mini Converter Cable
This cable features a regulated 12v connector jack to power the Black Magic Mini Converter with an inline female P-Tap connector for 12vdc, housed in an...
Sony EX1/EX3 12v Cable
The XP-EX-Z24 cable allows you to power both Sony EX Camcorder and a 12v accessory (i.e. monitor, on-camera light) from any powertap 12v power source.
Powertap to Zoom H4n Cable
The XP-ZOOM-5 is a Powertap to Zoom H4n connection 5V regulator cable.
Powertap Cable for Marshall LCD50 Monitor
The XP-MAR-5 cable allows users to plug into any battery via V-mount or 3-Stud Plate and power both 12v dc accessories as well as the Marshall V-LCD50-HDMI.
28" P-Tap to XLR Cable
P-Tap Male to 4-pin XLR Female. 28" Long. Compatible with the Sony F3 Camera.
DV/HDV Camcorder Cable
The cable features a regulated 7.4v battery paddle end for an HDV/DV camcorder with an inline female Ptap connector for 12vdc. Compatible with Sony FS100,...
PowerTap Multi
Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi is an Anton Bauer plug strip to make one Anton Bauer D-Tap outlet into 4 D-Tap outlets.
32" Right Angle Mini to Standard USB Cable
32" USB Cable with one standard plug and one right angle mini plug.
USB A to mini-B Camera Cable 18"
These are replacement USB A to mini-B cables, which can be used to connect any USB Controller directly to a camera. Approx 18 inches (0.5 meters) overall...
USB A to mini-B Camera Cable 36"
These are replacement USB A to mini-B cables, which can be used to connect any USB Controller directly to a camera. Approx 36 inches (1 meter) overall length.
USB A to A Extension Cable 5 meter
These are 5 meter USB A to A extension cables, which can be used to extend the wired length of any USB Controller.