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Product ID : Z-AEM
Price: $565.00
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The Axis is our most adjustable, universal EVF mounting option! Designed to come from the top of your camera set up, it leaves plenty of room at the lens for focusing and will work with the widest of lenses. It can be easily adjusted and has a wide range to go from a compact shoulder mounted rig like a Recoil to a rear extended position for a comfortable tripod operating position. The Axis EVF mount attaches to your camera via a Z-Rail or compatible rail accessory (not included.) Just slide the Axis on the Z-Rail and lock into place with the red, quick-release, ratcheting lever. We offer many options to mount your Axis depending on your camera set up.

- Half Cage (Compatible with any camera! Slides onto 15mm lightweight spaced rails-has adjustable Z-Rail on top.)
- 3” Z-Rail (RED Epic/Scarlet and more)
5" Z-Rail (Blackmagic Camera and more)
Z-Rail T (Sony F3 and FS700, Panasonic AF100, and more)
Z-Rail Zotshoe* (Great for DSLRs!)
- Also compatible with NATO, SWAT, RED, PICATINNY, and WOODEN CAMERA rails.

The Axis has three main pivoting points that can spin 360 degrees and are controlled independently by red tension levers. Release all three levers to completely reposition the mount or release just one to make single segment adjustments. This allows you to dial in the exact amount of tension on each segment to allow adjustment on the fly without the need to manipulate a lever. Just grab and move. These three independent rotating pivot points give you unlimited positioning options.

Attach your EVF with a ¼ 20 screw via the included quick release mount. This quick release EVF mount can slide on and off any of the four sides of the Axis EVF mount rail. No matter the position of the Axis Mount, the four-way Z-Rail keeps your EVF the right way up and in the perfect spot for you. It allows for cradling, under-slinging or standing of your EVF on the rail. The possibilities are endless and the adjustments are super-fast. The Axis can be installed or packed away in seconds.

If you want to use the Axis with a Small HD viewfinder or an Alphatron with external power you will need this
Axis Adapter.

*Our preferred method of mounting the Axis is on the Half Cage or a Z-rail screwed into a camera. However, it can be used on the camera hotshoe. Please use caution and common sense when adding weight to your camera hotshoe. Do not pick up the camera by Axis mount. Remove Axis mount before storing camera. Zacuto is not liable for any broken hotshoes.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by anon
12/10/2014 - 03:56:48 PM
Axis - Rob Macey
I love this mount! It has an incredible reach. I was really surprised by it. It is lightening fast to install to RED SwatRail. Slide it on a tighten. Screw on the EVF sliding base to the RED EVF, done in seconds.

Lightweight? At first sight I thought it would be as heavy as a large NOGA arm. I hate heavy. Who doesn't? Despite its large appearing size, it isn't heavy at all. The machined billet anodized aluminum looks as good as it works. Form DEFINITELY meets function with the Axis EVF mount. It is much lighter than a large NOGA arm which doesn't have nearly the reach that this arm has. The joints are buttery smooth, and firm, which lock down easily. Even with the Axis arm fully extended, the mount holds my RED EVF without slack or play. It is dead solid. A+ build quality and QC. The feel of the mount is just right. It also packs down nice and small. Just like it should. The anodized red colored locking knobs are consistently smooth and work beautifully. I also love how the RED EVF can be mounted at any vertical angle up, down, upside down, right side up with the sliding bracket. Great positioning options.

If you have a Scarlet/Epic the Axis Mount is what you didn't know you needed.
Reviewed by anon
12/10/2014 - 03:29:07 PM
Zacuto Axis
The Axis definitely solved my problem of not being able to use my EVF eyepiece comfortably when shoulder mounted. I was able to reach up over the awkward DSLR camera body and drop it right into the most comfortable position for my neck and back, and the Axis held position. I didn't have the problem of the EVF unscrewing or falling out of alignment, it actually made me want to use the Z-Finder with my EVF more often, and the resulting footage was sharper.

- Jon Pandone
Reviewed by Mikeliu12
11/27/2015 - 11:05:41 AM
Best evf mount made
The axis truly is an engineering breakthrough. I've always hated the way noga/magic arms would either twist off or required an additional hand if you wanted even a small adjustment.

The axis fits perfectly on my recoil rig and when using it as a run and gun configuration, it works nicely with the z-rail that I mount on top of my black magic pocket cage.

I recommend this to anyone that uses an EVF.
Reviewed by news4jones
08/26/2013 - 08:26:10 PM
Axis on a Sony FS700
Zacuto's new Axis with the Z-Rail mount is now the best accessory I have for my Sony FS 700. The 700 is a great camera but it's greatest weakness is it's LCD Viewfinder which is worthless outdoors. I had the Zacuto EVF but found before that it was difficult to maneuver.
With the Axis that is no longer an issue. I'd have to say the Axis is a brilliant design. I mounted the Axis on my camera in two minutes and now I can move the EVF anywhere I want it. Love it, love it, love it.
Reviewed by NiceLady
02/10/2015 - 02:40:23 AM
Great Product
Hands-down one of the best productions Zacuto has designed, as it is so adjustable and makes using an EVF effortless.

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